Big Brother UK S11E09 (Channel 4)

Ben says that he has never bitched in the house, even though he wanted to. Ben says that JJ doesn’t like fake people or arrogant people. He’s particularly forthright, more than anyone else in the house. JJ and Josie are in the shower. She asks him about Fake Beyoncé. JJ still hates her. Meanwhile, Fake Beyoncé waits to use the shower in the living room.

JJ is in the diary room talking about Fake Beyoncé. He will give her a chance, if she stops with her disparaging looks. She told him yesterday that she fancied him. He doesn’t really care. JJ doesn’t think that she’s that attractive. She looks very good. Rachael has got a personality that’s been slapped in the face by a fish.

BB gathers the HM for this week’s shopping task. The HM have to participate in fake TV shows. Ben and Yvette start out as contestants in some game show. Ben hugs Fake Beyoncé and gives her some light kisses on the cheek. She shudders, grimaces, and whinges to Shabbs and Caoimhe. Ben looks spiffy. JJ and Josie tease Ben about it. Thankfully, he ignores their comments.

For their part of the task, Ben and Yvette have to ID the famous people pensioners describe. Both Rachael and Caoimhe laugh at Ben’s first response, but he’s dead on. Ben wins £30 towards the shopping budget. Yvette wins £20.

Yvette comes to the diary room. People are starting to come down from their high. Yvette is happy. She says that they thought that JJ and Fake Beyoncé were going to hook up, but that didn’t turn out as planned.

Fake Beyoncé tells some HM that Dave picked her because he didn’t get along with her. JJ and Fake Beyoncé get into it again, albeit slightly since he thinks that she is very arrogant. She says that if he thinks this, people outside will think the same.

Some of the HM take part in Munchermind. They have to eat disgusting stuff. JJ and Rachael get into it again. Josie, Dave, and Corin eat everything while answering the questions. They get £150 towards the shopping budget. There is a tiebreaker. They have to eat everything left on their plates. Dave wins. Josie pukes. It’s all in good fun.

I think that JJ is making too big of a deal of Fake Beyoncé’s looks. She thinks it’s sad that JJ wants her out. She still fancies him and wants to change his opinion of her.

JJ is still going on about Fake Beyoncé’s look to the other HM. They try and tell him that she’s nice, but he won’t hear it. Shabbs and Caoimhe talk about JJ’s opinion of Rachael. Shabbs is pissed off because of his comment. He said that if BB did a bad edit, Shabbs’ tantrums might paint her in a negative light.

In the real world, when a guy likes you, I get a feeling. With him, I just get a feeling of hate.
Fake Beyoncé

The HM are eating dinner. Shabbs and Fake Beyoncé are talking what they’d do after BB. Shabbs says that she’ll have to do lots of things because she needs to get to LA. Fake Beyoncé says that she’ll do anything, even show her tits for Nuts. This pisses JJ off. He starts swearing like a madman. He’s a total country hick and has got no manners. He’s really abrasive and starts swearing at Shabbs and Fake Beyoncé. Fake Beyoncé leaves crying. Fake Beyoncé tells Shabbs that she was only joking. Shabbs says that JJ is an absolute bellend. Caoimhe joins them. Corin isn’t happy with JJ and tells him so much. I think JJ is saying what Ben is thinking.

Later JJ is still venting about this crap to Corin. She tells him that he’s getting all worked up over nothing. They make up.

Most of the HM are still in the kitchen. Fake Beyoncé is back eating. Shabbs and JJ are talking. Shabbs tells him that he doesn’t need to shout down the table and that he should stay away from Fake Beyoncé. Their personalities clash.

Nate and Rach are at the carousel. Nate is trying to make him feel better. Ben, Mario, and Dave are in the nest. Ben says that while he doesn’t agree with the way JJ took it up with Fake Beyoncé, however he was dead on. He likes Caoimhe, but the whole situation is becoming unpleasant. You talk a certain way with one of them, then you’ve got a problem with all of them. He calls them a bunch of washer women. Rachael comes by with some lollies. Dave says that the girls have made an impenetrable tribal bond. Ben says that the only one he’s got a problem is with Shabbs. Shabbs dislikes men, and it’s ridiculous. He calls them the three witches.

Govan, Josie, and JJ are in the bathroom. The sexual tension between JJ and Fake Beyoncé is palpable. The more JJ hates her, the more she desires him. It’s making JJ mad with desire, so much that he doesn’t know what to do but lash out at her. Shabbs is in the diary room.

* * * * *

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