25 KM Dusk Bike Ride

Cockpit view of my Velocite Millennium

Today, I went for a bike ride. It was definitely fun and a change of pace from what I’m used to. Sunday is probably the worst day to go on the bike paths, but all in all, it was fun and we had a great time.

We just did the usual route: from Banciao to Yonghe, and then into Taipei by the Sioulang Bridge. Then, along the Zhonzheng Riverside park until the Huajhong bridge. Last year, I was doing this route in about 37 minutes. Today, it was more about fun and having a good time then training. I did do some bouts of hard acceleration, but overall, it was done at a leisurely pace.

It’s probably a great idea to ride with a girl to start training again. It’s definitely put me back into the training mood. I want to go back on a bike ride tomorrow, then maybe  a run at dusk. The trick is to not accumulate too much mileage too quickly.

I have been gaining a bit of weight since I stopped training. Luckily, I’ve already lost some since last week, since I started on the low/no carb diet again. For the record, I weigh 87 kg now.

Next Saturday, I want to ride with her to Beitou. Danshui is also easy to reach. I also noticed that I need to get my derailleur adjusted again. The last time I tried doing it myself, I didn’t do a good job of it. You need to have a feathery touch to get it into the sweet spot.

The ride overall was a bit slow for my taste, but I just couldn’t leave my wife behind. There was lots of traffic, which was really annoying at times, but I had gotten used to it. The Wanban Riverside Park is pretty developed compared to the last time I saw it. It’s completely finished, with play areas, rest areas and more. It’s definitely worth seeing since it all brand new, unlike the Taipei side. I find that the best time to ride is at dusk.

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weekly km count: 25
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yearly km count: 50

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