Big Brother UK S11E11 (Channel 4)

Corin has been doing her make-up for over 3 hours. Wow. That’s a long time.

Shabbs is being a bitch, but that’s usual for her. She gets on Steve’s case for saying it’s thingie day. She whinges to Caoimhe and Fake Beyoncé. Steve tells Josie that he’s been having trouble with one of his prosthetics. One of his legs is worth £25-30 grand.

Shabbs comes to the diary room. She says that she’s scared of being evicted first. She didn’t expect to be nominated the first week.

JJ says that he’s only slept with 7 women. Josie is amazed. Josie says that men are built differently from men.

7 HM will take part of the World Cup task. They don’t know that they’ll be taken part of an endurance vuvuzela task. Ben asks Yvette if she has ADHD. She tells him that he should think before he speaks. Ben says that she should follow her own advice. Ben tells Moley that Yvette is being a bitch.

The chosen HM have to play the vuvuzela for 90 minutes.

It’s not the kind of blowing that I’m used to.

Ben is trying to be nice to Yvette, but she’s just being a bitch. Then, she complains about him to Govan. She complains about the washing up. Corin is serving Govan. I wonder why she is doing this. Corin tells them both to get out of the beds. I like her motivational skills.

HM have been blowing the vuvuzelas for almost 90 minutes. They’ve got a minute left. They complete the task. They will get a South African BBQ. Moley is too touchy feely for me. He touching and feeling up JJ now.

JJ tells Josie and Moley that he’s gone and screwed 8 times in one night, and not for 30 seconds.

Yvette tells Ben that he keeps pointing out her faults. The things he says aren’t nice. Her family is watching the show. She tells him not to interrupt, but she constantly interrupts him. He tries to apologize but she won’t accept it. It’s true that what Ben said was kind of nasty. She ignores what he’s saying and says that she’s got to pack.

Ben and Moley are talking about Yvette. Moley tells Ben that he made a heartfelt apology, not just a fake one. JJ joins in. He says that they had a lover’s tiff. Yvette walks in and wants them to stop talking about her. It’s strange that JJ is acting as a mediator. They kind of make amends.

I think you have to let go because my pants are showing.

Govan has been in bed for a long while. JJ says that he didn’t expect the whole house to be so down.

Shabbs is telling some of the HM that if she stays, she’s already made up her mind about the nominations. There’s nothing anyone can say about it. Finally, we see Nate. He hasn’t been getting much airtime. He says that the noms are nothing personal. They’ve only known each other a few days.

Shabbs says that she has felt the true spectrum of emotions. Outside of the house, feelings are diluted. Ben is worried that he’s being portrayed as a horrible person on BB.

It’s eviction night. Yvette hears the chant of “Get Sunshine out!”. Rachael is evicted. Some of the HM are tells Yvette that the crowd shouted ‘someone’ instead of ‘Sunshine’.

Fake Beyoncé is evicted. Govan looks worried. All of the HM lie to Yvette. They all say that they heard ‘someone’ instead of ‘Sunshine’, especially Dave.

The HM get a message for Corin. Corin will have a good day tomorrow. The HM are coping with Fake Beyoncé’s eviction. She’s actually talking with Govan. Shabbs and Nate are talking in the carousel while smoking a fag.

The HM get some alcohol. JJ tells Josie that he’s definitely going next week. Steve figures out that Bob Righter is an anagram of Big Brother. Corin comes to the diary room. She had a good day. She is wondering about the message from Bob Righter. She thinks that she might be getting something good.

* * * * *

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