Big Brother UK S11E14 (Channel 4)

Ben and Moley are in the bathroom. He needs some consoling from Moley and Dave.

Ife is sunbathing with some HM and she says that she heard that someone could die of farting too much. JJ apologizes to Ben. Ben is really needy. He asks the HM to stick close to him.

Caoimhe, Josie, and Shabbs are in the bedroom. Caoimhe says that he has low self-esteem and is very nervous. Josie says that she’ll be extra nice with him today. She goes out and tells asks him if he’s got low self-esteem. He says yes. He’s also insecure. He got picked on by girls because he was very short before. Josie thought that he was an angry little man.


Ben                        Govan                   Shabbs                 “She’s got a terrible temper.”
Caoimhe              Yvette                   Ben                        “She gets on my nerves.”
Corin                     Moley                   Ben                        “He don’t really takes people’s feelings into account.”
Dave                      Govan                   Shabbs                 “He’s playing the game.”
Govan                   Dave                      Ben                        “He behaved badly.”
Ife                          Dave                      Ben                        “He is trying to influence people.”
JJ                             Caoimhe              Shabbs                 “She eavesdrops on conversations.”
Josie                      Dave                      Ben                        “He said that gay marriages are immoral.”
Moley                   Govan                   Shabbs                 “He set off the argument.”
Nate                      Yvette                   Ben                        “She gets right on my wick.”
Shabbs                 Dave                      Ben                        “He’s a snake in the grass.”
Steve                    Govan                   Ben                        “He stirs shit and doesn’t clean up.”
Yvette                   Caoimhe              Nate                      “I can’t cook because of him.”

Ben received 8. Dave, Govan, and Shabbs received 4. This means that 4 HM are up for eviction.

Most of the HM are playing a game of scabbers. Ben is in the bedroom and Shabby is in the bathroom. The chest of temptation talks with Scabby. He wants her to hang out with Ben until 5PM. She needs to pay him at least 20 compliments. If she does so, she will win a treat for herself and a mate.

Stop saying heinous. It gives me splinters.
Chest of temptation

Shabbs goes to see Ben. He mistakenly thinks that she’s trying to build bridges. He just goes on about things. Shabbs has been close to Ben for 1h20 minutes but she hasn’t given him any compliments. Shabbs gets into it with Steve about buying fags on the shopping budget.

Later, Ben and Caoimhe are talking about what has happened. Shabbs goes to see the chest of temptation. It says that she hasn’t given Ben any compliments. She says that she forgot. It says that she has another 30 minutes and she needs give him a long hug. It needs to last for 1 minute. She goes right after him and hugs him. She’s pretty good at it because she makes him talk and he keeps hugging her. Wow. I’m amazed that she managed this. A few minutes later, she’s given him 20 compliments.

When Scabby goes for a wee, Ben feels relieved that she’s talking to him. The chest says that she’s got a dinner date with the HM she chooses. She chooses Caoimhe.

Shabbs and Caoimhe are called to the diary room. They have dinner. Caoimhe is tipsy after a while.

The other HM are roleplaying the Jerry Springer Show. Ife is beating down Moley and Nate, who are dressed up as women.

Shabbs and Caoimhe come out. They are both a bit tipsy. They immediately go smoke a fag. Nate says that something is going on. Shabbs tells Caoimhe that she thought that things would be easier once she told her, but it hasn’t worked out this way. Shabbs leaves and goes to bed. She hides underneath the covers. She isn’t there alone for long. Josie and Corin are there. Caoimhe comes to the diary room. She doesn’t like that BB is messing with them. She says that she is taken.

Shabbs tells the girls that the feeling is mutual between her and Caoimhe, but then Caoimhe talks about her boyfriend. Shabbs is getting pissed off. She’s crying on her way to the diary room. She doesn’t appreciate the fact that Caoimhe is laughing at her. Caoimhe isn’t denying that she has feelings for Scabby.

Later, it’s getting awkward between Shabbs and Caoimhe. JJ, Govan, and Josie are talking about this in the bathroom.

Caoimhe and Shabbs are in the kitchen. Shabbs says that she feels like a twat. Caoimhe also says that she feels like that. Shabbs tells Caoimhe that she got the dinner for them because of the chest of temptation. The task was to stick to Ben for two hours. Then she had to pay him 20 compliments and give him a minute-long hug in 30 minutes.

* * * * *

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