Big Brother UK S11E15 (Channel 4)

Ife and Nate are talking about Yvette. She always puts on a face for the cameras.

Moley tells Caoimhe that he saw a new face of Scabby when she made up with Ben.

Josie tells some of the HM that she’s been having really bad nightmares. Whenever this happens to her, it is to warn her of something bad that’s about to happen.

Nate tells BB that he’s ready to settle down. Scabby and Caoimhe are in the bathroom. The chest talks to them. It tells her that Caoimhe will be punished not Scabby Katchagoogoo. If they tell anyone, the whole house will face punishment.

Scabby and Caoimhe are in the nest.

Monkeys are like ill-behaved little people.

The HM are talking about pets. For some reason they are talking about monkeys.

Caoimhe is called to the diary room for her punishment. The walls are plastered with photos of the Ben and Scabby. Caoimhe has to listen to a conversation that happened between Ben and Scabby on a loop.

Yvette is singing Lady Gaga badly again. It’s annoying. The HM are told that Scabby, Govan, Dave, and Ben are nominated. Nominated HM will take part in a task. The winner will be saved from nomination and nominate another HM to take their place. Scabby is having another temper tantrum she wants to find out what happened to Caoimhe.

Caoimhe has been listening to the conversation on a loop for 80 minutes.

The nominated HM are scooting to win. Scabby goes pretty far on her first go. Ben is shit. Dave isn’t too bad. Govan is shit as well. Scabby is the best. They have to scoot between two lines of obstacles. Scabby wins. She nominates Moley. That was predictable.

Moley is pissed off because it was so hard for him to become a HM. Moley says that he won’t be nice anymore because he’ll end up nominated each week anyway.

Caoimhe is crying. After 3 hours, she’s called back to the diary room. She’s released. She says that she was being punished but doesn’t say why.

Ben tries to make Moley feel better. He’s been nominated because he was associated with Ben. Caoimhe gives Moley a tender hug and tells him that he won’t be evicted. Moley starts to cry. That was nice of her. He says that he’s got nothing waiting for him on the outside. The others HM have something.

Scabby tells Caoimhe that she discussed who she’d put up if she won. Govan said that he was going to nominate either Moley or Yvette. Scabby was going to nominate Moley.

Scabby and Caoimhe talk with Ife. They want to hang out. Ife says that she’s gotten bored of their conversations, so she wants to talk to other people. Caoimhe and Scabby say that she’s really rude and leave. They say that they are bored of her constant singing. Caoimhe calls her a little bitch. Scabby says that she’s offended. They go for a smoke. Ife goes to the diary room. She doesn’t like Scabby’s temper tantrums.

Scabby is feeling up Josie’s tits. Caoimhe says that she wants to feel up Corin’s fake tits. Corin lets them feel her up. They say that they feel real.

Govan comes in the diary room. He talks about a traitor in their midst. It’s either Scabby or Moley. Both of them are obsessed with Caoimhe and Ben respectively.

Ben is boring Scabby and Caoimhe.

Earlier, JJ told Yvette that she’s shit at singing. I don’t know why Yvette is wearing a school girl’s uniform.

Moley talks with Govan. Govan says that at least one of the HM he trusts voted for him. Govan is always acting weird.

* * * * *

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