Big Brother UK Eviction S11E17 (Channel 4)

Moley says that Yvette will be happy since they will all be vegans this week. Tobacco is also going to run out. There’s no hot water either. Moley tells Caoimhe and Ife that Ben constantly puts himself in hot water. Caoimhe tells him that he doesn’t need to fight Ben’s battles.

JJ complains to BB about the cold showers and the food. He says that he has never taken cold showers. I have, they aren’t pleasant, but they do wake you up. Also, they work well when you use them on your muscles as contrast showers. Later, JJ is taken a cold shower. He swears all of the way through. Josie is sucking her thumb. What is she, two years old. Josie and Govan decide to have some fun and spray JJ with the shower head.

Ben and Moley are playing a word game. Moley keeps saying words like want, need, crave to Ben. It’s pathetic.

Yvette and JJ are continuing to tease each other. JJ is grumpy about the hot shower situation. They are bickering like little children. Steve tells JJ that he should just take her in there, sort her out in the wardrobe, and then it will be all done.

Today, HM will be testing the stickiness of different adhesives. Moley has to predict the results of the tests. Ben is getting stuck using sticky tape. JJ is getting stuck using glue. Moley must predict who will stick to the wall to win the task. Ben looks dejected and complains that he can’t breathe. Ben wants out of it. What a pussy! Ife is pissed off. This is the 3rd task that she’s done for nothing. Moley is disappointed. JJ is sticking to the wall. Josie sees JJ’s big package. Moley wins his task. He gets a dinner in the diary room.

Take shallower breaths.
Ife to Ben

On Sunday, the BBUK HM will be taking on the BBDE HM from Germany in a penalty shootout. Moley is eating his dinner. He is the only one who won something.

Caoimhe tells Scabby that Dave is going to go. Scabby Katchagoogoo thinks that Moley won’t be going. After the last few days, the playing field is wide open.

Moley is laughing at how Ben was doing during the task. Ife is complaining in the diary room. The HM get some alcohol, nibbles, and soft drinks. Ben asks Josie that he needs to be in top nick if he gets mobbed by the crowd.

Govan is talking about the eviction. JJ says that Ben might go, but he doesn’t know how much Dave pisses people off. Scabby Katchagoogoo comes and joins their conversation.

JJ says that he used to be able to suck his own cock. Or maybe this was Moley. Or both of them.

Corin is in the diary room. She is talking about the new words she is learning, like vocabulary and controversial. Wow, what a dim knob!

JJ is telling Yvette that her other name Sunshine is ridiculous. JJ tells her why she doesn’t change her name to Sunshine. She says that it would be ridiculous. She wouldn’t be taken seriously as Dr. Sunshine. JJ says that it’s ludicrous. She’s introducing herself with her nickname. Steve says that it’s sexual tension. Ife agrees.

Govan and Nate tells Josie that she’s a pretty girl. She is tearing up slightly.

Yvette thinks that JJ is going. She says that she fancied JJ last week, but ever since he started opening his mouth, she no longer does so.

I’d rather kiss Ben.


We see some footage of what happened in the house. All of the HM are dealing with the upcoming eviction. All of them would be sad to go.

Davina talks with the BBUK house. The first safe HM is Moley. The next safe HM is Dave. Govan is evicted. I totally didn’t see this coming. I thought Ben was going for sure. He gets a chorus of boos. The shit stirrer is out. He got 72% of the vote.

Govan wants Josie to win. He doesn’t like Ben. He gets some messages from the HM.

Govan chooses Josie to have a great day thanks to Bob Righter. Corin reckons that Bob Righter will give something to Josie and it’s from Govan. Josie is crying the in the bathroom. She hasn’t come out to see Bob Righter. Scabby Katchagoogoo gives her the message. It makes Govan cry. The show ends with a close-up of Josie, who’s still crying. She mutters “Thanks Govan”.

* * * * *

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