Big Brother UK S11E16 (Channel 4)

Today is backwards day. It’s 12:15PM. The HM have received takeaway curry and beer. They get some strange messages from BB. They go to the task room. They find a key that’s made out of LEGOs. They are unaware that today’s tasks involves doing everything backward. Govan, Josie, Steven and Ben start by dismantling the key.

Moley is giving a massage to Nate. That’s a bit on the gay side. Scabby, Moley, Ife, Corin, and Dave unmake the puzzle that has the instructions on how to construct the key to open the door to the luxury surprise.

Lastly, the HM lock a briefcase. An hour later, JJ takes Yvette’s seat. She pours some water on him. In retaliation, JJ tries to throw her in the pool. It fails.

Josie has come to the diary room. She doesn’t fancy JJ or Nate, yet.

Govan is like a bean bag, he picks up whatever the last person’s done.

People who deserved to be savaged will be savaged at some point.

Ben is filled with good quotes.

I’m going to develop a dietary difficulty, then I can eat what I can. I will become a reverse vegan.

Yvette, Govan, and JJ are talking about boyfriends. She had two BF, both for 1½ years. JJ has been on and off for 2 years with a girl.

JJ, Caoimhe, and Scabby are talking about Yvette and Josie. They ask him if he were playing spin the bottle, would he kiss Yvette. The answer is no. He has trouble deciding for Josie though. Then, they talk about Dave. JJ doesn’t like him either. He doesn’t like his attitude. JJ thinks that he’s a game player. They start talking about Ben’s nominations. That’s against the rules. Ben talked in code to Scabby about who he nominated. He implied that he nominated Yvette.

Dave comes to the diary room.

Ife, Caoimhe, and Scabby are talking. Ife says that she started distancing herself because she felt that she was like a 3rd wheel. Also, the whole lesbo think made her uncomfortable.

Ben says that he’s a paternalist. JJ says that he’s a communist. He explains Animal Farm to JJ.

The HM are working on the backwards task. They are putting together the key. They have been at it for 1h40. Steve thinks that they completed it successfully. Govan delivers it. Josie finds it funny how worked up Steve got. The HM rush to the living room. Govan has to open a safe in the task room with the LEGO chair. He finds a message. He needs to read it to the HM. It says that BB has news for the HM. BB says that they earned a £500 shopping budget. However, BB tells them that Govan and Scabby were talking in code yesterday, about who they would replace as the nominations. This was against the rules. BB reads out what was said today. Scabby, JJ, and others are guilty. As a result, the HM have not won the premium shopping budget. They are on basic rations until further notice.

Discuss nominations at your peril.

Ife, Caoimhe, and Ife are talking at the carousel. Ife says that tomorrow they should be silent for the day. Some of the HM are in the living room. Ben starts discussing things about what happened with Scabby to Yvette. They start talking about nominations again. JJ gets angry. Yvette says that Ben always twists again. Ben talks about his nominations. He’s in trouble. Yvette and JJ do the same. Dave does the same. They all kind of gang up against Ben. Moley isn’t anywhere near Ben or he runs out. I think I just saw him ran out. Dave is disappointed.

JJ comes to the diary room. He says that they now know that Ben is playing games. Ben said that he nominated Yvette the first week.

BB has removed all food from the house and left basic rations. BB has called Ben to the diary room. He will be punished for talking about the noms. BB says that HM will no longer have hot water. Like a little squirmy snake, Ben asks BB no to tell the HM about the hot water.

Ben tells Moley and Ife that the HM have no longer any hot water. Ife says that it’s fine.

Govan tells Caoimhe and they have no more hot water because of a new rulebreak. Ife didn’t want to tell him who. The girls question Ife and she blurts it out that Ben is to blame. She says that he really felt bad and other people were involved in the conversation.

Ben, Dave and Moley are in the nest talking about JJ for some reason. Ben thinks that others are dripping poison in JJ’s ears.

The HM get woken in the middle of the night by a cock.

* * * * *

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