Doctor Who The Big Bang S05E13 (BBC)

The new Doctor Who: Matt Smith

Doctor Who is a long-running, award-winning British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a mysterious alien time-traveller known as “the Doctor” who travels in his space and time-ship, the TARDIS, which appears from the exterior to be a blue police phone box. With his companions, he explores time and space, solving problems and righting wrongs.

The show’s lead character is currently portrayed by David Tennant. A Christmas special co-starring Kylie Minogue aired in December 2007, and the fourth series started on 5 April 2008. For that series, Catherine Tate will reprise her role of Donna Noble, from the 2006 Christmas special, as the Doctor’s latest companion. Midway through the series, Freema Agyeman will also return to her role of Martha Jones, following a multi-episode guest appearance in the Doctor Who spin-off series, Torchwood. John Barrowman will continue his role as Captain Jack Harkness, and Billie Piper will return as Rose Tyler for three episodes. Elisabeth Sladen is also set to return as Sarah Jane Smith in a cameo role.

After a 2008 Christmas special and three further specials starring David Tennant, scheduled to air in 2009, Doctor Who is planned to return in 2010 for a fifth full length series.

From the Doctor Who entry at Wikipedia.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

The Doctor working a smartphone

The Doctor is a long lived alien from the planet Gallifrey. He’s a Time Lord and travels through time thanks to his aging time capsule the Tardis. David Tennant is the tenth Doctor. My favorite has always been Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor. The Doctor periodically regenerates. When he does so, he changes outward appearance which let the producers change actors easily. All Time Lords regenerate 13 times. The Doctor’s nemesis is the Master, a renegade Time Lord who found a way around this limit. Other enemies include the Black Guardian, the Daleks and the Cybermen.

During the previous serials, before 2005, Gallifrey was alive and well. It appears that for the new series, the Doctor is the only survivor of the last great Time War between the Dalek Empire and the Time Lords.

This is the first of a series of specials that will air this year. Since David Tennant couldn’t commit to a full series this year, due to some previous acting commitments, we are left with a bunch of specials.

After two disappointing specials, we come to the end of David Tennant’s Doctor. Tennant has rapidly become a favorite of mine. I still love Tom Baker above all, but Tennant is very good. What is it about him? I’d say that David Tennant was almost perfect for the role. It’s too bad that he’s moving on. Already, the 5th season has been delayed until later this year because he couldn’t commit to a full serial.

It’s sad because he was so good. However, it’s good that Tennant is going out with a bang. The ending of part one of the End of Time was amazing. The Master, the Doctor, and the Time Lords, all reunited at last for one final confrontation.

I didn’t really like how the tenth Doctor died, but others will say that it is within his nature to be like that, to sacrifice himself for anyone. He did so. The end is nigh as he says goodbye to all of his companions, from Rose to Sarah Jane.

* * * * *

The new Doctor is nutty. Nutty enough to be the Doctor, if that makes any sense. I don’t know much about Matt Smith, and I usually keep an embargo on myself about upcoming Doctor Who episodes so that the fun isn’t spoiled, and frankly, I was surprised. It was a good show, not extremely good, but good nonetheless. I have to say that I did really like David Tennant as the Doctor. His shoes are going to be hard to fill. Naturally, Tom Baker remains as my favorite Doctor of all time.

There’s more to River Song and the Doctor. Apparently she killed a man and is serving her sentence in the Stormcage. She says that they will see each other again when the Pandorica opens. This is supposed to be episode 12 of this season. This episode was pretty darn good. I had loads of fun watching it. It was especially creepy when the angels realized that Amy couldn’t open her eyes and started moving. They still looked like statues however, which was strange. They are supposed to be in quantum lock, so I imagined that their real visage was different than stone, but it isn’t.

The cracks in the universe are back and this will be the ongoing theme of this season. We also learn why Amy can’t remember the Cybermen or the Daleks. Time is being unwritten due to some time energy explosion, somewhere in time. This is why the cracks are appearing.

This was an excellent episode. I give it an A+. This was a great way to end Matt Smith’s first season as the Doctor. He could easily play the Doctor for a decade actually, I quite like him. There is more to Amy Pond, because the of the cracks in the universe in her wall. While everything is almost back to normal, there still are a few unanswered questions. For example, what caused the TARDIS to explode in the first place and what exactly is the Silence? This is probably part of a grander storyline which will happen in the 6th season. For now, all we can wait for his for the 2010 Christmas special.

* * * * *

1,894 years later, little Amy Pond is praying to God to help out with the cracks. Later, she is in therapy. She painted stars in a painting. There are no more stars in the universe. They look up the night sky and don’t see anything. Her aunt is worried that she’s join a star-cult. She gets a flyer through the mail. It’s about the Pandorica. There is a message that reads “Come along Pond”.

It leads her to a museum in which there are Daleks and the Pandorica. There is a sticky note on the Pandorica. It tells her to stick around. She hides out in the museum until closing time. She touches the Pandorica and it starts to open. Inside, there’s an adult Amelia and no Doctor. She says that this is where things are going to get complicated. Wowza, that’s cool!

1,894 years ago, Fake Rory was holding Amy Pond in 102 AD. The Future Doctor pops in. He says that Rory needs to get him out of the Pandorica with his sonic screwdriver. He says that he should put the sonic screwdriver into Amy’s front pocket. Rory opens up the Pandorica. The Doctor wonders how Rory just did that. He shows him the screwdriver. It’s a future screwdriver. The Doctor tells him that he’s a Nestyn duplicate. Amy is not just an ordinary human being. The Doctor puts her inside the Pandorica. It’s the ultimate healing box. All it needs is a scan of her living DNA.

The Doctor takes River’s time vortex manipulator. Rory wants to stay behind to guard her while she sleeps away the eons.

The story pops back into the present, in 1996. The legend of the Pandorica tells that the Centurion has been with it throughout time. The last time he was seen was during the London Blitz of 1941. A Daleks wakes up and shouts exterminate. The Doctor pops in. Fake Rory appears and shoots at the Dalek. It’s disabled. The light from the Pandorica restores it. The Doctor pops back to the past in 102 AD to tell Rory about his mission. The Doctor then remembers that he’s got to leave messages for little Amy Pond so that she comes here.

They come across another Future Doctor who collapses. He looks like he’s been burned up. He’s still alive and whispers something into the Current Doctor’s ears. Little Amelia has disappeared. It’s the result of history collapsing. They are anomalies and hanging on by a thread. The Dalek is completely restored.

History is shrinking, the universe is collapsing. The TARDIS caused a total event collapse.
The Doctor

They come to the roof. They find the TARDIS exploding in the sky. There is a voice too. It’s River’s voice and it’s stuck in a time loop so that she can be saved. The Doctor pops in to save River Song. For some reason, the Doctor is wearing a fezz hat. River and Amy destroy it. The Dalek appears.

The Doctor says that the Pandorica contains a memory of the universe, and they can clone it back into existence. He wants to reboot the universe. The Doctor is shot by a Dalek. He is dying. He shifts back 12 minutes ago using the time vortex manipulator. The Dalek is restoring itself. River destroys it.

Amy and Rory find the Doctor’s body gone. They find the Doctor inside the Pandorica. He was trying to create Big Bang 2. River says that they need to throw the Pandorica into the heart of the universe, where the TARDIS is exploding. The restoration field of the Pandorica will be everywhere at the same time, powered by an exploding TARDIS. He was trying to pilot the Pandorica into the vortex.

The Doctor will be trapped in the netherspace, on the wrong side of the cracks in time. He won’t be able to come back. All memory of him will be erased from time. The Doctor wants to see Amy before he leaves.

The Doctor tells Amy that her house is too big for her alone. He asked her about her parents. She doesn’t know. There was a crack in time in the wall of her bedroom. It has been eating up at her all of this time. Thanks to the universe pouring through the crack, she will be able to bring everyone back. The Pandorica closes. He pilots it into the exploding TARDIS.

The Doctor wakes up in the TARDIS. The cracks in time are healing up. He sees himself and Amy. This was last week ago. He shifts 3 weeks ago. The Doctor is unwinding. He talks with Amy when she had an Angel in her eyes.

He’s back in Amy’s house when she was 7. He finds her waiting on a suitcase in the garden. He says that the cracks can’t heal properly until he’s on the other side.

Little Pond and Big Pond have got different eye colors. Little Pond has got blue eyes while Big Pond has got hazel eyes. Adult Amy wakes up. She’s in her room. It’s her wedding day. Her mom wakes her up. Her dad is there. It’s the wedding reception. Outside the hall, she sees River Song. Rory tells her that a woman left a book for her. It’s River Song’s diary. She starts to tear up and remembers who is missing. It’s the TARDIS. She calls him back. Rory remembers him. The Doctor is in a tuxedo. He goes back into the box. He says that he only came for the dancing.

River is waiting for him when he comes back out to the TARDIS. He hands River’s diary back to her as well as the time vortex manipulator. The Doctor asks River if she is married. River just says yes. She says that he will find out pretty soon now, and then everything will change.

The Doctor gets a call when Amy and Rory come to see him in the TARDIS. Amy and Rory are going with him. The Doctor thinks that something called the TARDIS to this point in time and the Silence is still out there. This isn’t over.

* * * * *

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