Big Brother UK S11E19 (Channel 4)

Moley thinks that he’s going to go. Govan has got his own suspicions of who will go. Josie says that Dave will go. The HM are still on basic rations. Also, they don’t have any hot water. Yvette is taking a shower. Ben says that mashed chick peas with oil and lemon are good as hummus, but alone they’re boring.

Scabby and Caoimhe are cooking some rice. Yvette tells JJ that she went around the world alone. She was mugged in Turkey. This is what prompted her trip around the world.

Scabby says that her mom is embarrassing. Josie mimes her own mom. It’s pretty crazy.

Ben enjoys politics. JJ says that he could care less about politics. Steve isn’t that interested. It’s illegal not to vote in Australia. The last time, JJ made his own box and voted for Yoda.

The HM are eating plain rice. Steve isn’t happy about this.

JJ and Yvette are in bed together. He says that he collects Barbie dolls. Govan is in the diary room. Corin is filing Ben’s nails. Earlier today, Caoimhe and Scabby were chosen to take part in today’s human sponge task.

Josie is doing the washing. JJ is helping her. She spots that he’s bashful and embarrassed when talking to her. Ife is helping Scabby put on the sponge suit.

If the human sponges, Scabby and Caoimhe, are able to drain the pool in 3 hours, they will win icy treats for the HM. JJ says that they won’t succeed. It will probably take a whole day. An hour later, they’ve emptied about 5 inches worth of water. Scabby is having another tantrum. Boy, that was predictable. Nate tells them that it’s not going to happen. They think that they haven’t shifted any water at all. They abandon the task. They go to the diary room. They failed the task.

Josie has come to the diary room. Some of the HM are really hungry, especially the thinner HM like Yvette. Josie says that she would have cannonballed into the pool to splash the water out. She put herself up for the task, but Caoimhe and Scabby wanted to do it. They get on. Josie says that she gets on with JJ. She’s never met anyone like him.

Josie puts some mascara on Ben. Yvette and JJ are in the nest. Yvette isn’t eating. JJ isn’t eating it either. Yvette hasn’t talked with Ben since what happened between them.

It’s like eating birdshit.

BB has gathered the HM. They are told that they are no longer on basic rations. In the future, the punishment will be worse if they continue to break the rules. They still is no hot water. They receive some pizzas. Yvette receives a bag of crisps as well. The HM start eating. Scabby and Caoimhe want crisps as well.

Davina talks with the house. Moley and Dave are safe. Govan is evicted. The HM are shocked. JJ is crying. Corin is crying as well. Govan leaves. The HM see that he is welcomed with boos. Scabby is having another tantrum. Josie goes to have a cry in the bathroom.

Scabby, Caoimhe, and Josie are in the bathroom. Moley comes to check up on them. Josie is still crying. Bob Righter starts lighting up. It’s a message for Josie from Govan. Josie is crying again.

Ben says that the other HM are pissed off that Ben is still here. Yvette is fully integrated with the cool group. She’s going to start farting and smoking.

Caoimhe doesn’t understand why Dave is still here. He’s a monk weirdo. Scabby thinks that she might be evicted this week.

Josie asks Yvette why she doesn’t why she doesn’t share her crisps. Yvette says that she already shared her vegan pizza. Josie says that she looks like a tight bitch. Yvette then says that she will share her crisps with everybody. Josie says that she will look nice.

For some reason, Yvette wants to have a crisp sandwich. Yvette says that they can all have her crisps and she will go to bed.

Caoimhe and Scabby are still going on about the crisps when they are in bed. They should just get over it. It has to do with nutrition. They all got whole pizzas. Yvette is a tiny girl and she’s a vegan, she needs the crisps.

Ben is in the diary room complaining about the other group. Scabby is pissed off.

* * * * *

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