Big Brother UK S11E20 (Channel 4)

The HM wake up. It’s Steve’s birthday. They find muppets in the living room. They must talk through the puppets until further notice.

Have you ever heard of a vegan who doesn’t eat vegetables?
JJ about Yvette

I’m getting annoyed with Corin’s limited vocabulary. She keeps shouting “I love it”. JJ and Dave make fun of the size of the nose of Yvette’s puppet. JJ continually makes fun of her, like an older annoying brother.

You were on that diary door like a tramp on a sandwich.

Yvette comes to the diary room to sing another annoying Lady Gaga song with her muppet. Yvette says that she really likes JJ, but when he opens his mouth, he’s not that attractive because he keeps moaning. She makes a good impression of him. JJ and Moley are talking about wanking and sex.

Yvette is in the bedroom. She says that she likes living with boys. She likes cleaning up after the boys. Dave says that he hasn’t seen her clean up one thing. Last night, Yvette threatened to leave because she didn’t get vegan butter. Nate arrives. Both JJ and Dave get on her case about her dietary requirements. Dave says that it might be seen as favouritism. Nate tells them to leave it. They both go check on her. She’s under the covers. It was getting a bit much.

Ben and Josie are talking about JJ. Later, Ben asks Scabby and Caoimhe if they are smoking more. Scabby says that she doesn’t smoke more than 5-10 smokes a day. In here, she smokes 20-30 a day. Scabby says that she goes dumpster diving for food. Her diet is actually better in the BBUK house.

Yvette is crying under the covers. JJ tells the HM that he teased her about her veganism. Josie tells him that he should give her a cuddle and say that he’s sorry. JJ says that she won’t hear of it. Josie says that he was taking the piss out of her about her nose.

Moley also goes inside. She’s cocooned herself in her duvet. She wants to go in the wardrobe and talk. She moans about what Dave and JJ teased her about earlier.

JJ and Josie are talking in the pool. JJ thinks that Nate is getting shitty with him because Nate likes Josie. Josie says that she just looks average.

Yesterday, the HM won their penalty shootout task against the BB DE house. The HM have received some football paraphernalia. Scabby doesn’t want to watch the football. Ben decides to do the washing up. Caoimhe isn’t interested.

Ife comes to nag and boss Scabby and Caoimhe. Scabby tells her to leave. The HM are watching the match. England lost. The HM look dejected. The HM don’t get any commentary.

-OMG I have a hairy ass.
-Wax it.
Josie and Ben

Josie and Ife are talking about JJ. Josie sometimes fancies JJ. When JJ was putting on his football kit, Josie was going wow. She thinks that he’s got a smoking body.

Get your stuff off and get busy.
Nate to JJ and Josie

Obviously you’ve got a lot of practice John, because you’re like an Australian serial snogger.

Moley and Ben are talking about UFOs. Ben says that he’s not interested in aliens. Moley thinks that he’s narrow-minded. Josie says that she’s got a bit of a fantasy going on with JJ. She likes the football kits. She got horny when she saw this.

Ben gets the idea of asking Steve some amusing questions. HM get a karaoke party for Steve’s birthday party because they passed the puppet task. While the HM are having fun, Ben is whingeing to Dave in the nest. Ben is bored.

Nate, Caoimhe, and Josie want to exchange some birthday cake for some alcohol and tobacco.

Josie and JJ are having some non-sexual fun in the bed. They are like 15-year olds.

* * * * *

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