LOOK 695 First Ride

LOOK 695 in the iconic Mondrian color-scheme, available after the Tour

Bike Radar is putting the LOOK through some initial paces. There’s not much in this piece, but there is some new info. The most interesting thing is the crankset, which is made out of carbon fiber and part of the i-pack module. I’m sure that THM Carbones and AX Lightness will follow suit. The non-drive part of the crank is made out of one piece of carbon fiber. It has to be threaded through the larger BB65.

It’s going to be a very light combination. The i-pack includes a stem as well, which is smooth in the back and negates the use of spacers. The stem is adjustable, from -9° to +13°. The stem can also be elongated or shortened by 10mm thanks to different spacers that are used in the clamp mechanism. All cables are routed internally. The ISP comes with a 30mm adjustment as well.





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