Big Brother UK Eviction S11E24 (Channel 4)

Last night, Yvette fell out with JJ. Josie is still sucking his thumb. Josie says that JJ doesn’t know how to deal with flirting. The HM are talking in the bathroom. Corin tells them to stop winding each other up. It makes them both look bad and they can’t handle it. I think this all has to do with sexual tension.

Earlier today, Scabby said that she wanted herself or Caoimhe to be evicted. Now, she said that Yvette deserves to go. She is talking with Caoimhe.

Yvette, Ben, and Dave are in bed together. Ben says that she did nothing wrong. Ben says that Yvette flirts with JJ in a sexual way quite obviously. Moley chimes in and agrees. Yvette says that she doesn’t flirt with JJ sexually and she doesn’t fancy him. Josie says that they need to put this behind them. She says that she shouldn’t go and talk with JJ. She should wait for JJ to talk with her.

Yesterday, Ben didn’t complete the mission that the chest of temptation gave him. He was told to come to the bathroom before the HM woke up to face the wrath of the tree. He’s been waiting to be alone in the bathroom for about 30 minutes. Corin finally leaves. The chest says that BB is setting Ben a shopping task. He’s got a special role in this. The part of the stand-up must be nabbed by Ben. Nate, Steve, and Dave see Ben talk with something. Ben lies his way out of it, but the HM don’t really believe him. The chest tells him to piss off. Ben keeps talking back. Yvette and Steve arrive in the bathroom. Steve heard someone talk back to Ben. He’s very suspicious.

Steve and Nate tell the other HM while they are eating. They quickly find out that the tree is behind it. Ben doesn’t get into what he had to do. Ben is incurring the wrath of the tree by talking about it. It’s not going to be pretty.

All the HM have been gathered for this week’s shopping task. HM will become a joke stereotype and pass the tasks. Ben easily gets the stand-up comedian role. Dave and JJ are chickens. Yvette is an Englishman. Caoimhe is a Scotsman. Josie is once again sucking his thumb like a baby. It’s getting really pathetic. Ben says that he had been told that he had to take the rest of Scabby’s hats.

Davina says that later today, Ben will be performing his stand-up comedian task in front of the eviction crowd.

HM have costumes. Dave and JJ are in a chicken coop. Each time the two live chickens cross the road, they must tell a chicken joke from a handbook.

Some of the HM must laugh non-stop for at least 3 hours and 6 minutes. Nate, Corin, Steve, Moley, and Ife are part of this task. This is going to get tedious.

Scabby thinks that she’s going to get evicted. Ben and Caoimhe are in the bedroom talking about Scabby. Ben says that you can’t decide who likes you like that. Moley is better. Caoimhe wishes that Scabby didn’t like her like that. Ben says that they just look like two close girlfriends, one’s straight and ones a lesbian. Caoimhe thanks him for this.

The HM have been laughing for 41 minutes. Nate is about to quit. He walks off. Ife walks off too. Steve says that he will do 3 hours. Corin is walking off as well. Moley is still there.

Most of the HM are in the kitchen. Yvette comes to see JJ. He asks her why she exaggerated the story. Yvette says that she was bleeding and shaking up. At the time, she felt like that. She was laughing but it wasn’t funny. The HM say that if they argue again, they won’t get involved. Moley says that it’s the same three sentences over and over again. JJ says that he doesn’t want to talk to her because is his right, just like it was her right to go to see BB and exaggerate what exactly happened. Josie comes out and tells JJ that he’s starting to get on everyone’s nerves. He keeps arguing with everyone and he’s doing their head in. Yvette just walks off.

Yvette, Ben, and Josie are in the kitchen talking about JJ. He can be a sweet lad, but he’s very nasty otherwise.

Dave is talking with JJ. He loves him but there is some part of him that is at fault. There is some stuff he needs to get sorted out.

A dumb blonde (Josie) has been called to the diary room. She must answer some dumb blonde jokes. She must get at least 7 out of 10.

Yvette, Scabby, and Caoimhe are in the small task room. They must find the punch line for 3 jokes. They get the 1st one. At the same time they get to eat some snacks. They also get the 2nd one. They also get the 3rd one. They pass this task.

The chickens have been cooped up for 5 hours. JJ doesn’t think that Caoimhe is going. Steve says that if one of them is evicted, the other one will walk. The task ends.

Josie and Moley try to talk with JJ about this arguing. He doesn’t know when to stop arguing.

Most of the HM are sleeping. Ife is in the diary room. She says that she doesn’t want to be part of Caoimhe and Scabby’s group. Scabby and Caoimhe go to bed. Caoimhe says that she’s scared.

Eviction Night

We are shown footage of Ben getting his task from BB. He has to perform a stand-up routine in front of the eviction crowd. He’s been practicing and it’s not looking good. The other HM will watch his performance on plasma screens.

Ben does his routine. He’s pretty good and not too nervous. He also gets some laughs. He’s got some good jokes. BB tells Davina that Ben has just passed his part of the task. It lasted 90 seconds.

Davina talks with the BBUK house. Yvette is evicted. Well, that is not a surprise. It was pretty predictable. She is welcomed by a chorus of boos. I’m annoyed that they play music upon the exit of the HM. It’s to cover the boos. The crowd hates her.

Yvette got 42% of the vote. She was very close to Caoimhe. It was between her and Caoimhe. Yvette thinks that she was nominated because of the crisps. The 1st week she got 10 noms. This is a record. This week, she only got 5 noms.

Yvette say that she made friends again with JJ. She is shown footage of her atrocious singing. She says that she has got no talent there.

Today, Ben will get a message from Bob Righter for his idiotic treatment of the chest of temptation. Ben will face the wrath of the tree to temptation tomorrow.

He’ll have a day from hell tomorrow.

* * * * *

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