Big Brother UK S11E23 (Channel 4)

Josie, Caoimhe, and Moley are in the bathroom. Josie keeps sucking her thumb. That’s ridiculous. They talk about JJ. Caoimhe thinks that Yvette fancies JJ. Josie says that he’s a sweet boy, but she can’t stand him.

Scabby is in the diary room. She says that she doesn’t want to leave anymore. She wants to work on her rage problems.

Ben says that his favourite historical figure is Jean-François Becassant, who declared himself emperor and fed the foreign dignitaries children from an orphanage. Moley says that he was completely evil and he hopes that he burns in hell. Ben says that this is an awful thing to say. He doesn’t want anyone to burn in hell. Moley is frustrated with him. Moley walks off in frustration. I find the constant hugging and touchy feely things that Dave and Ben to a bit weird.

Moley comes to see Caoimhe and whinges about Ben.

But I’m excellent at cunnilingus.

Caoimhe says that she doesn’t like oral sex. Scabby says that she would like hers.

The chest of temptation tells Ben that he wants him to organize an impromptu arm wrestling competition. He must beat at least one girl. He has to say “innit”, “you get me”, “you know what I mean”. If he does so, he will win the remaining suitcases back. He also has to stay that he was a champion at boarding school.

Yvette says something and JJ splashes her with water and then he dumps her in the pool.

Moley is moping around and tells Ife that he enjoys chasing Ben, more than he fancies Ben himself. Caoimhe is walking around the backyard in circles.

Scabby tells Caoimhe that she’s horrible to her constantly. Caoimhe gives her a cuddle and some kisses on the neck.

JJ and Josie are in the nest. He goes after her for saying that she lost respect after some HM walked off. He just badgers her. Josie says that he won’t ever be able to hurt her. Only the people whom she loves and who take advantage of her can hurt her. JJ says that this is just a façade.

Josie tells Scabby and Caoimhe that JJ messed with her head and he thinks that it’s perfectly acceptable. Caoimhe tells him that he needs to change his attitude. Josie tells him to lay off her buttons. She warns him. She says that he twists conversations to make other people look do. He does this to everyone. They continue to argue. Scabby and Caoimhe don’t get involved. JJ is just an ass.

JJ tells Dave, Corin, and Ben that he feels bad about what is going on. Josie and Caoimhe are talking about him. They say that he’s an absolute paranoid mess.

I feel like such a shitmate.

They make up while Josie is sucking her thumb like a baby.

Nate and Corin are talking about JJ and his temper. Nate says that JJ is the center of a lot of shit.

The HM get some booze. Scabby comes to the diary room. She says that she’s a love struck fool. She is starting to think that the feelings are mutual between her and Caoimhe. There is a little something there.

Ife tells Caoimhe that she needs to be careful. She’s been fooling around with Scabby.

Ben is in the bathroom talking with the chest. Ben calls it stupid. The tree tells Ben that he’s a joke. He’s got to come see him tomorrow morning before the HM get up.

Yvette just threw a bottle of water over JJ. He tries to chug her into the pool. Moley is trying to stop her. This is bordering on physical abuse. Yvette gets away. Moley tells Ife that he wanted to chug them both into the pool. Yvette comes back to the garden and says she is walking out. She’s wearing a thong. It doesn’t look like she’s wearing a bikini. Yvette goes to the diary room. JJ pours a bottle of water on her. He’s slightly abusive with some of the girls. He behaves like a teenager with them, but he’s an adult and it’s not appropriate.

Corin comes out of the diary room and JJ is going at Yvette again. Yvette wants to go into the diary room. JJ is pissed off. He’s an absolute ass. Yvette comes to the diary room and starts to cry. BB says that he is worried. BB wants to call one of her friends to the diary room. Yvette says Moley. Moley comes to the diary room.

BB calls JJ to the diary room later. BB tells him that this behaviour is not acceptable. Injuries were incurred and BB implies that he should apologize to Yvette. JJ says that he will do so in the morning.

Ife, Josie, and JJ are talking about Yvette. They agree that Yvette is silly and an attention-seeker.

Corin and Yvette are talking. Corin says that she still goes to play with JJ, even when she knows that he can’t really take a joke and takes it too far. She always goes back for more. She shouldn’t do that.

* * * * *

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