Big Brother UK S11E25 (Channel 4)

It’s going to be very funny tonight as Ben will have the day from hell, or is that tomorrow night?

Yvette hasn’t been evicted yet, so this is footage of Friday. Yvette is talking in the diary room.

Ben, Scabby, and Dave are talking about the HM. He wonders why some of the HM haven’t yet broken up. Scabby says that cracks are starting to show, like Corin. Steve was in the army for years, so he’s a tough guy. This conversation has to do with the faults of the HM showing.

Corin is in the diary room. She says that the shopping will be great. Corin usually eats sweets every day. Since BB keeps asking her how she feels about the shopping task, so she thinks that they won’t win the task. It’s down to Ben’s task to win the task. He has to do a stand-up comedy routine in front of the eviction crowd.

Ben is called to the diary room. He is told about his task. He’s incredibly nervous. He tells the HM. Josie is sucking her thumb again like a baby. What’s wrong with her? She’s in her twenties, isn’t she? Scabby doesn’t like that Ben will go out and read the eviction placards. Scabby is worried and angry, as usual. Nate finds her really annoying. Josie is in bed sucking her thumb. Scabby doesn’t want Ben to find out what the crowd thinks about the HM. She’s in her usual super funk.

Nate and Steve talk about Scabby. Nate says that she’s a f*cking weirdo. He can’t stand her. The HM are over-analyzing the situation. JJ jumps on the bandwagon as well. He doesn’t like it either.

Ben and Dave are in the nest rehearsing Ben’s comedy routine. JJ and Josie are in the bedroom. Josie is still sucking her thumb. JJ wipes off his boogers on her pillow. Later, some HM join Ben in the nest. JJ says that a new HM might come back with him. Moley is pissed that Ben isn’t gay. They start bitching. Moley doesn’t think much about Ben now. This is because Moley told him that he should come back with a nice-looking gay dude for him. The HM have left them. Only Dave and Steve are left. We learn that Ben wants to launch a career in America and he can’t be involved with gay people. This is how it appears to Moley. Moley continues to be mean to Ben. Moley is such a camp queen.

Later, Moley tells Ben that he knows what his game is now. Moley thinks that he’s exposed Ben’s game to everyone. Moley doesn’t want to talk with him anymore and sends him away. Ben keeps hounding Moley. Moley calls him out on it.

Ben and Caoimhe talk about Moley. Caoimhe doesn’t think that Ben is playing a game. She thinks that Moley should stop thinking with his willy all of the time. She tells him to leave it alone. He will come back to find him. Ben says that Moley wants him like a wife.

Moley and Ife are talking in the nest. Later, Ben is getting dressed for his role. Moley is there and calls Ben fake.

It’s a fake shirt for a fake person.

Because I don’t want his wiener up my bum I’m a terrible person.

It’s eviction night. Moley isn’t encouraging Ben at all. He’s still being a sexually frustrated little bitch. Ben is called to the top of the stairs. The HM see what’s happening on the plasma TV. He does his routine. It’s not bad for a few hours’ work.

The HM congratulate Ben. Moley isn’t part of those. He didn’t budge from the sofa. Davina talks with the BBUK house and Yvette is evicted. The HM hear a lot of boos. They try to say that she didn’t get as many as Govan or Fake Beyoncé.

Moley is snuggling up to JJ now, instead of Ben. Josie is sucking her thumb. She must spend hours a day sucking her thumb. The HM are told that they passed the task and they will receive £500 for the shopping budget.

Bob Righter has a message for Ben. He’s going to have the day from hell tomorrow. Moley is happy for Ben. That’s Schadenfreude. Moley was expecting to get something from Yvette. He wanted a day from heaven for himself.

Scabby and Caoimhe are commiserating. None of the HM care that they stayed. It’s because they don’t care about them.

Ife and Moley are talking about Ben and about how he’s been behaving with him. Moley says that it all has to do with Ben’s career move. He doesn’t want to be associated with anyone gay.

He’s more camp than you are.

Josie tells Caoimhe that she feels really uncomfortable being wanted by Nate and JJ at the same time. Caoimhe has seen his. This happens when Nate is rubbing her back and JJ is sitting nearby.

Near 2AM, JJ hides Josie’s duvet in the closet. She knows immediately that it’s JJ. She finds it quickly enough. She playfully punches him a few times and tries to pull off his blanket. She flips him off.

Moley is in the diary room moaning about Ben. I understand now why he’s so upset. Moley thinks that Ben is gay but won’t ever do anything gay with him on BB because he’s worried about his potential career in the US.

* * * * *

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