Big Brother UK S11E26 (Channel 4)

Today, Ben will face the wrath of the tree. It’s noon. He’s been called to the diary room. Ben comes face to face with Hawk, who will be his drill sergeant. He isn’t able to do many push-ups. 2 minutes into his punishment, he stops. He says that he cares the most about Dave. Hawk says that Dave will suffer the wrath of the tree, twice as hard. Ben is trying to be smart. Hawk is having none of it. Dave is called to the diary room. He is wearing his fatigues. Dave arrives. Ben leaves.

Josie tells the HM that she wouldn’t move to London because she doesn’t want to be in the rat race. This pisses Scabby off.

Ben tells the HM what happened. Meanwhile, Dave is laughing it off. He’s only been doing it for 25 minutes when it stops. Wow, that wasn’t scary at all.

Ife, Steve, and JJ talk about Ben. They can’t believe that he did what he did. Meanwhile, Ben is trying to talk with Moley, but he’s just showing him his back. Moley doesn’t want to talk with him.

Ben comes out and finds Dave out. They both go to the pool. Ben whinges to Caoimhe about Moley. HM have been given a premium shopping budget. Nate says that it is doing his head in. Nate takes over from Josie. Scabby, Ife, Josie, and JJ whinge about Nate’s kitchen rules. Some of the HM would like some spices and chillies.

Nate wants to do it by himself. He wants Josie to leave. She doesn’t back down. She says that she wants to cook for everyone.

Caoimhe and Scabby are talking about Ben. Scabby is jealous. The rest of the HM talk to Ben about what happened about his punishment. Ben says that he wouldn’t have done it if the whole house would have been punished. Ben continues to lie that the tree asked him to do something nasty to Yvette and Scabby. Dave and JJ aren’t happy. Neither is Nate. Dave says if this is what he does to his friends, he wonders what he does to his enemies.

Ife has been chosen to face off against the viewers. She has to spin in place for 30 seconds. Ife is supposed to be some kind of dancer, so she’ll do well. They win. They get some alcohol.

Moley and Ife are talking about Ben. They don’t think much of him. Moley thinks that he’ll make up with Ben tomorrow.

Caoimhe and Scabby are talking about snogging. Caoimhe says that she is the best snogger in the house. The storeroom is open and the HM receive the shopping. They also receive some smokes, biscuits, crisps, and other goodies. The non-smokers divvy up the crisp packets while the smokers smoke their fags. The non-smokers hide the crisps in their things.

The smokers also drink coffee. Ben and Moley are in the bedroom talking. Ben explains himself about his comments. JJ and Josie are at the sofas talking about the food situation. JJ learns that people have been making food whenever they want to. He’s been following Nate kitchen rules. He says screw this and he’ll eat what he wants.

Dave has won the HM their remaining suitcases. Ben’s suitcase is empty. The HM are very happy. Corin is singing a song for Dave.

Josie and JJ go to the diary room. Josie is so happy that JJ didn’t get into any arguments in the last two days.

* * * * *

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