Big Brother UK S11E27 (Channel 4)

The HM will be playing wheelchair basketball. Steve is the coach. One of Steve’s legs is on loan. To purchase it would cost £30,000. The HM discuss this. They are thinking about taking out £30K out of the prize money. Steve isn’t too keen in this proposal.

Steve is coaching the HM in wheelchair basketball. Ben is making snide comments to Josie about JJ. What an idiot! I hate now Ben never really participates in the tasks. Ben and Dave are talking about the plan to take money out of the prize to buy Steve’s leg. Dave says that he’s the only HM that hasn’t agreed.

Moley and Corin are talking about dinosaurs. They both believe that dinosaurs are still alive.

4HM are cheerleaders. Ife, Caoimhe, Ben, and Josie are practicing their routines. Ben is shit at any task. It’s hard to imagine him completing anything in life. Ben wants to go for a rest in the bedroom. Josie wants to practice.

Most of the HM are training in the garden. Ben is in the living room eating a carrot. The HM talk about him. They call him. Ben is wearing JJ’s t-shirt. JJ doesn’t want him to wear it. Ben is difficult. JJ doesn’t want him sweating in his t-shirt. Josie says that JJ didn’t share his toys when he was a kid. JJ’s t-shirt is expensive. He doesn’t want to ruin it.

The HM get a routine from the cheerleaders. Then, the 3-man teams start to play. They will play 2 halves of 10 minutes. For once, Scabby looks like she’s having a lot of fun and not moaning at all. Corin, Nate, and JJ won. They will get an evening of games and fast food, with Steve and a cheerleader. Nate chooses Ife.

Josie and JJ are snuggling in bed. Ben is nosy about what they are talking about. Nate, Steve, Corin, and Ife get a party and booze. The other HM are stuck in the bedroom watching the others eat. Caoimhe says that they should get their tits out. Caoimhe, Scabby, and Josie get ready to flash the HM. JJ can’t believe that he just saw that.

Ife is dancing around. Nate is laughing at her. Caoimhe and Scabby are cringing. Ife hears this and moans about them to Corin. Ife says that she will put them in their places. Ife didn’t know that they were like that. Ife starts to cry. JJ, Nate, and Corin make her feel better.

JJ is in the diary room. He asks BB to let the other HM out. BB doesn’t budge. The losers pile the duvet covers on a bed and jump all over it. JJ tells Scabby that he tried and failed. They start piling the mattresses. I think BB is too nice this year. He needs to start being mean to the HM. Army beds and gruel for a week, that’s what I would do.

Corin is pissed off. Nate is also pissed off. Corin makes them make her bed again. She doesn’t stand for it. Corin comes to the diary room to complain.

Ife tells Scabby that she’s pissed off because they were cringing. Ife lets them have it. Caoimhe says that they were just messing with her. Ife calls them bitches and mean girls after she turns around.

At 11PM, the HM are released. Ife has come to the diary room. The losers didn’t apologize for what they did to the bedroom. She feels like she was slapped in the face. She says that Caoimhe and Scabby are like the mean girls from school.

Josie at least apologizes to JJ for what they did. JJ says that Caoimhe and Scabby had a go at Ife for the way she danced.

Caomihe and Moley are in the bathroom. Moley wants to talk with Ife. He doesn’t want a row. Scabby comes in. Ife says that she doesn’t want to speak to either of them. Moley wants to calm her down.

Caoimhe goes after Ife. Ife doesn’t want to talk to them. Caoimhe doesn’t let it go. Ife has to shout for her to get the message that she doesn’t want to talk with her. Scabby at least is doing some penance. Ife tells her that she doesn’t want to talk with them at all right now. I think that Scabby and Caoimhe are worried how they are portrayed. They don’t really care that much about Ife. Scabby already said it. They are going to be portrayed as bullies.

Scabby and Caomihe are discussing leaving. They both come to the diary room. Scabby tells BB that she wants to leave. Caoimhe also wants to go. They have to wait until morning to leave. They can’t leave now. They can sleep on the sofa or the nest.

* * * * *

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