Big Brother UK S11E28 (Channel 4)

It’s all over the news. Scabby is going to walk out of the house at around 3PM. Caoimhe will stay.

Ife is in the diary room. She’s sorry for how she behaved. She thinks that Scabby is going to be evicted. Scabby felt remorse but Caoimhe didn’t.

Caoimhe tells Ben that she’s going to leave this morning. She can’t do it anymore. She tells him that Scabby is leaving as well. He tells her to give it a few more days. She says no.

Some of the HM are in the garden. Josie tells her that she shouldn’t feel down. Caoimhe says that she can’t stand Nate.

Ife tells Scabby that she’s sorry about how she acted. Scabby says that she is sorry, but she should speak to Caoimhe. Caoimhe walks in. Caoimhe apologizes and tells her that she’s going this morning.

Scabby tells everyone that she is leaving with Caoimhe. Ife tells her that she should stay. Scabby starts having a small tantrum and walks off.

Caoimhe comes to the diary room. She says that she wants to leave and she’s petrified about how she is portrayed. She can’t deal with the Scabby thing anymore. She’s worried that it’s upsetting people on the outside, like her boyfriend and her family. She says that she cannot stand Nate. She knows that she may have come off as a bully with Ife, but she feels ashamed.

Josie starts a row. She asks Nate about Scabby smashing Steve’s things up. Scabby is pissed and gets involved, but Nate isn’t taking it. He swears at them. Nate says that they really upset Steve. That’s what upset him. Scabby goes to the bedroom to have a tantrum by herself. Ah, isn’t that special.

Caoimhe has been in the diary room for half an hour. She wants to sit alone and not talk to anyone. She comes out of the diary room. Scabby is banging against the diary room buzzer. She says that she wants to leave.

Caoimhe tells Nate that he is a bully. Nate doesn’t take her shit. Ife comes in and takes Nate away. Caoimhe continues to say that he’s a nasty piece of work. I think Caoimhe is a nasty girl sometimes. She says that her nerves are frayed and she can’t deal with it.

Nate is in the diary room. Corin makes him feel better and tells him to calm down, it’s not worth it. I really like Nate. He stands up to Scabby and Caoimhe, and they can’t take it because he’s the only one that does.

Scabby is in the diary room and she vents to BB, instead of taking it up with Nate.

F*ck off, Scabby, you f*cking little raincloud of doom!

Scabby wants to leave immediately. BB tells her to say goodbye to her HM before leaving. Scabby says that she’ll go back out there.

Caoimhe and Ben are talking. Caoimhe says that she is staying for the rest of the day.

Scabby comes back to the diary room. It’s been an hour. She still wants to leave. Scabby says that she’s alone. She makes a final statement and leaves out the back door.

Nate and Ife say that they feel alright. Nate says that he’s been holding his tongue for weeks. Nate says that these things need to be said. Sulking in the kitchen isn’t what he’s about.

Josie tells Caoimhe says that she looks like a proper diva. Moley and Josie are snuggling. Caoimhe snuggles up to Moley in their bed. Moley says that Dave has got some strange views. Dave believes that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and that the dinosaurs were wiped out by Noah’s flood.

Dave and Ben talk about noms. They will be punished for this. The HM are told by BB that Scabby has left the HM. Caoimhe starts to cry. Someone has to pack up her belongings. Josie comforts her. Moley is there for her as well.

JJ and Corin arrive. Caoimhe, Josie, and Caoimhe go for a fag. Nate says that a person like Scabby is going to make you or break you. Ben gives Caoimhe a hug.

I’ve just been a lesbian side-kick for the last month.

Caoimhe says that Scabby told her that she was going to be shocked by what she saw in Scabby’s diary room entries. Josie says that Scabby told her that she had never been in love before she met Caoimhe. Caoimhe is shocked. She thought that it was just a crush.


Ben                        Ife                          JJ                             “He’s got a volatility problem.”
Caoimhe              Ife                          Nate                      “He’s a complete bully.”
Corin                     Caoimhe              JJ                             “She wasn’t nice about the pillows.”
Dave                      Caoimhe              Ife                          “She conflicts with my views.”
Ife                          Caoimhe              Ben                        “She didn’t show remorse.”
JJ                             Caoimhe              Ben                        “The pillow incident.”
Josie                      Corin                     Nate                      “I don’t touch personal belongings.”
Moley                   Corin                     Steve                    “He was aggressive.”
Nate                      Caoimhe              JJ                             “She told me I was a bully.”
Steve                    Ben                        JJ                             “He doesn’t participate in tasks.”

She frightened me. She was like a little madwoman.
Josie about Corin

Caoimhe and JJ have been nominated.

Ben was intimidated by Scabby’s aggressive walking. She was walking like a man. Moley says that it was an exaggeration.

Caoimhe tells JJ and Josie that she doesn’t like many people in the house. They start talking about Corin. JJ told Josie last week that Corin was a total nutter. Caoimhe starts to talk about the noms. JJ does so as well. Ife is taking a shower and says that Dave’s comments about gay marriages didn’t sit right with her.

They will all be punished. No hot water, or something like that.

It’s been 8 hours since Scabby left the house. The HM are eating dinner. Caoimhe goes to the diary room. She says that her sadness has turned to anger. She says that if she’s up, she will stay until Friday.

Ben says that when all of the HM are gone, JJ will start arguing with himself. Ben does a good impression of him.

* * * * *

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