Big Brother UK S11E29 (Channel 4)

It’s about 9:30AM and the HM are woken up by BB. They will get punished for rule-breaking. Ife, Dave, Ben, and Caoimhe broke the rules regarding the discussion of noms so the hot water is off until further notice. Steve isn’t happy with this. JJ isn’t speaking yet. He says that he isn’t happy either. Josie tells him that he might be nominated today. JJ says that he knows this.

Today, a big robot statue entered the house. He’ll be unleashed tomorrow when the HM will battle the machines. Dave and Ben have been in the bathroom for 14 minutes without noticing it. Later, Steve notices it. He calls the other HM. The robot is moving.

Ife talks about meeting her biological mom.

Josie tells Caoimhe that a lot of HM will be nominated. Ife and Moley are at the carousel. They are talking about Ben.

Some of the HM are talking about Scabby’s departure. Nate tells them that he didn’t like that group. They brought him down and he’s glad that Scabby is gone.

All the HM have been gathered to learn about the noms. JJ and Caoimhe are nominated. JJ tells Caoimhe that he’s willing to fail the task. Josie is sucking her thumb. JJ says that he wants to be nominated. Caoimhe says that they should just do it.

HM will be bucking for survival. They will buck on a TV and have 3 chances. JJ is throwing the task, it’s pretty obvious. JJ says that it would have been harder to live in the house with someone that he chose than being nominated. Caoimhe wins the challenge. She chooses Nate as a replacement nominee.

All of the smokers go for a smoke. JJ is in the bedroom. JJ says that he couldn’t be blamed for Caoimhe’s eviction so he threw the task.

JJ comes to the diary room. He would have picked Corin if he would have won. He thinks that Caoimhe is feeling good now.

Caoimhe and Josie are talking about Nate and JJ. Caoimhe says that JJ has a heart of gold, Nate is just loud.

Josie tells JJ that she doesn’t want him to go. He makes her days go faster. It’s a pleasure. Ife and Nate are at the carousel. Ben, Ife, and Corin are talking about Coronation Street.

Josie is in the bedroom. She wants to kill an annoying fly. They talk. Ben says that everyone in the house wants to be her friend. She says that she has a bad temper. Later, he talks with Dave about JJ.

Steve says that he doesn’t want either of the nominated HM to go.

Josie, JJ, and Caoimhe are talking about Corin. They don’t like her. Caoimhe thinks that the majority of the things out her mouth are fake. Josie was shocked about a few days ago with the bedroom fiasco. JJ says that Corin wants to be in nuts.

Josie is in the diary room. BB asks her if she wants to win some booze. She gets a maniacal smile. She must secretly steal shoes from the HM. The more shoes, the more booze. She can recruit one more HM. She’s got 30 minutes.

Caoimhe and Ife are talking about Ife told BB in the diary room about Caoimhe and Scabby. Caoimhe isn’t happy. She leaves.

Josie is stealing shoes. She recruits JJ.

Caoimhe comes to see JJ and tells him about what Ife told her. Ife said that she thought that Caoimhe was leading Scabby on. JJ tells her that it’s just one person’s opinion. Caoimhe feels embarrassed. She tries to talk with Josie, who cunningly tells her that she had an accident in her panties.

JJ delivers a bunch of shoes to the diary room. No one was the wiser. He brought 21 pairs of shoes. He can’t tell anyone. He goes back to the bedroom. Caoimhe was trying to talk with Josie about Ife’s comments. Josie tells JJ to go into the living room and say that the robot has moved to get the HM away from the lounge. Josie will pop into the diary room.

It doesn’t really work. No one believed or cared enough to check it out for a long while. Caoimhe arrives. She’s been looking for her shoes. Josie smartly distracts Caoimhe’s suspicions. She tells everyone that the shoes have gone missing. Josie goes to the diary room. She receives one can of lager for the shoes. She gets the shoes back because she was busted. She drinks the beer all alone.

* * * * *

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