Big Brother UK S11E30 (Channel 4)

Today, robots will take over the BBUK. Marcus Bentley’s voice has been altered appropriately. The house is filled with some kind of machines.

The HM are woken by the music from Terminator. Ben’s, JJ’s, Nate’s bed lift up. The robot from the bathroom has moved to the living room. The robot starts to move. There is obviously someone inside of it to make it move like that. It sings a few songs. The big ‘bot’s name is Titan.

In the bedroom, Caoimhe and some of the other HM are talking to Dave about his beliefs. Dave says that the Pope isn’t his leader. He says that he isn’t catholic.

For today’s task, HM will be taking part in a series of tasks against the machines. Josie starts off at cleaning maggots from a carpet. She is going against Titan. Titan is using a vacuum cleaner. She has got no chance. She becomes a robot.

Moley tells Ben that he noticed that he doesn’t offer him anything, but he always expect Moley to share his food. Moley says that it’s a flaw in his character. Moley goes to whinge to the diary room. Meannwhile, Ben and Dave are talking about Moley. Dave says that Moley is starting weird. Ben says that Moley is quite boring.

Big Brobot has designated the garden a non-human zone. If they do, BB will play an alarm and send out a chasing robot. If the chasing robot catches them, they will become a robot. The RC robot chases them for a few minutes. Corin gets touched by it and she will become a robot.

A HM will face off against BB in a smoothie making contest. Caoimhe does it. Ben is told by the HM that he should become a robot right away because he keeps lounging around and not participating in the tasks. Caoimhe says that he shouldn’t let Nate talk to him like that.

Caoimhe has to mash the fruits by hand while Titan uses a blender. Titan drops his fruits and then tries to cheat by squirting water from his eyes on Caoimhe. He finally drops his blender. HM win this round.

Caoimhe is in the nest with Ben, Dave, and JJ. She asks them if it’s obvious that Corin annoys her. Ben noticed, but Dave didn’t. He says that this is the 1st time that he hears of this. Caoimhe doesn’t like how fake Corin is to her.

Meanwhile, Corin is in the diary room spouting some nonsense. Her limited vocabulary is really hard to deal with. She’s got trouble describing things.

A HM will take on Titan with hairdressing. The HM make Ben do it, but he obviously doesn’t want to do it. He looks moderately annoyed. Also, Ben looks pretty gay right about now, with Dave constantly snuggling up to him.

Ben will cut Dave’s hair. The contestant who removes the most hair from their model will win. Ben has got some scissors. Titan has got a clipper. The HM think that Dave looks younger. The HM win this round.

Caoimhe tells Dave that she loves the French system: no child is allowed to wear religious symbols. Dave doesn’t agree. Caoimhe says that education should be completely separated from religion.

Dave and Ben are talking about Caoimhe. Dave doesn’t like Caoimhe. Caoimhe is very negative but Ben enjoys discussing things with her.

Ben and Caoimhe are talking about Dave in the nest. Dave and Steve thought that Caoimhe were thinking that she was getting involved with Scabby. Ben says that Steve is very close-minded. Ben has thought of nominating him because of the snoring.

Moley, Ife, and JJ are talking about Ben. He never does the washing up. Moley says that Ben is very lazy.

Later, Ben and Dave are talking. Ben involves Caoimhe and Josie so that she knows that he is trying to mediate their argument. Caoimhe disagrees with him and decides to walk away. Josie stays and then leaves. Dave complains to Nate about Caoimhe. She keeps scraping away at things. She apologizes and then it started up again. Nate tells him that he needs to walk away from Caoimhe if she keeps starting the argument. Dave warns Ben to stay away from her. Dave says that she will bring him down.

* * * * *

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