Big Brother UK Eviction S11E31 (Channel 4)

After either Nate and JJ are evicted, three new HM will enter the BBUK house.

The HM get woken up again at 9:30AM. The HM get hot water back. Dave gets a message from his wife. BB will give him a curry tonight. He has a bit of a cry.

Moley tells Caoimhe that aliens have given the government a cure for all diseases, but they aren’t giving it out. OMG, what a douchebag!

Caoimhe and Moley are in the shower. Oil comes pouring out. Ben tries to get out of doing the dishes. Dave tells him to do the dishes now. All of the HM are after Ben because he’s lazy. Ben goes to lie down in the sun.

Nate faces off against Titan in a match of airbed inflation. Nate is going quite slow. He tries to trash talk. Titan wins.

Ife is turned into a robot because she’s in the garden. I guess there are some rules. She retaliates by tipping over the chaser bots.

Ben says that the UK shouldn’t have got into a war with Adolf Hitler. Moley says that Hitler wanted to invade, regardless of what the UK wanted. Dave says that Hitler was filled with demons. Caoimhe thinks that he’s field with shit. He goes after her in the bedroom. She doesn’t want to hear it. He’s berating her.

Ben says that we shouldn’t be the policeman of the world. Nate takes offense and says that being the policeman of the world saved lives. Steve is silently fuming. Nate is getting pissed off. Steve tells Ben that he’s talking out of his arse and that he’s full of bollocks. Steve says that Ben hasn’t done anything. He calls Ben pompous git. He insulted him, his granddad, and all of this family.

Caoimhe leaves Dave. Ben complains that Steve thinks he’s a pompous ass. Caoimhe comes to moan in the diary room. Ben is asking Moley for advice.

Steve is going against Titan in a game of egg white whisking. Titan drops his bowl and Steve wins. Ben apologizes to Steve for his flippant comments. Steve says that it’s fine.

Each HM has customized an RC car to fight against BB’s robots. If any of them are still standing against after 3 minutes in a fight with BB, they will win the shopping task. After 30 seconds, JJ and Caoimhe are out. Another 30 seconds later, Moley is out. Another 30 seconds later, Steve and Dave are out. They had no chance, BB’s robot was one of those robots from robot fighting. The HM don’t get a luxury shopping budget.

JJ is doing an impression of Corin for Josie. She keeps repeating “lovin’ it” and “OMG”. Josie tells him to shut up. Moley arrives.

Dave gets a curry dinner for his wedding anniversary with some beer. Corin sees it and says her favourite words. Then, she tells Josie and Moley.

Nate is shaving Ife’s hair to the skin. Moley and JJ come to the diary room.


Davina talks with Scabby Katchagoogoo, who walked out of the house on day 27. We see a little of her tantrums. BTW, her real name is Keely Flanders. Scabby says that she regrets leaving. She doesn’t think that Caoimhe was leading her on. She loves JJ.

Nate is evicted. What a surprise! JJ thought that he was going and was putting on his jacket. He looks totally shocked. I’m not. He got 89% of the public vote. He is greeted with a bunch of boos. Nate is hard to understand at times because he mumbles quite a bit.

Keeley is a 30-year old travel agent. She’s got a successful business and 14 employees. She’s only 5 feet tall. Andrew is a 19-year old student. He’s a total nerd and a geek. Rachel is a 29-year old air stewardess. She’s from Liverpool. The new HM have been watching BB, so they know all about the HM.

The new HM are going to enter the BBUK house in a UFO dressed up as astronauts. Bob Righter starts spinning. The HM think that new HM are coming in. Ife reads it. It says that something is coming in the garden. They see a fake spaceship outside. It’s quite impressive. It’s landing in the backyard. It’s all dark and the spaceship is all lit up with lights. The eviction crowd liked it as well. JJ says that it’s 2 girls with one guy. Moley knows Keeley.

* * * * *

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