Big Brother UK S11E33 (Channel 4)

It’s 8:25AM. Most of the HM are in the bedroom. Keeley is doing the dishes. JJ is in the bathroom. The chest talks with him. He wants JJ to tell everyone a fact about Australia to all of the HM. All of the facts need to be bogus. He needs to do this before noon.

Someone told JJ that Keeley dates footballers. She says that she has but she’s not a wag.

Caoimhe and Ife notice that Keeley did the dishes. Josie, JJ, and Andrew are talking about Keeley. She’s a bit manic and bossy. Moley was hoping that Andrew would be gay.

JJ apologizes to Corin again. He says that he was well out of order.

Josie feels threatened by Keeley. She thinks that she will steal JJ away. Caoimhe says that she keeps seeing Andrew staring at their boobs.

The tree tells JJ that he will be able to get a videocall to his mate’s engagement party if he succeeds. He also gives him an extra hour. JJ goes spouting some nonsense and completes his task. The tree takes into account how stupid he is.

Josie shares some of her insecurities with Dave and Ben. Ben tells her that JJ is completely devoted to her. Josie says that she doesn’t think of JJ that way.

JJ talks with his mates. His mom is there as well. She says that they have been watching him on TV, even if they are in Melbourne.

Today, the HM will play a game against the viewers. The HM have chosen Andrew to participate in spooning. He must place spoons on his face. Ife argues with Andrew because he will attempt to stick only 5 spoons to his face when they saw the viewer stick 6 to his face. He sticks 4 to his face and loses.

JJ, you’re so rude that you’re funny.

Josie and JJ are talking in the garden. Josie goes to the bedroom. JJ comes to see her and she doesn’t want to see him. He upset her. She calls him an emotional vampire. He was annoyed because she called him crab eyes or something like that. She shouts at him at full volume that she didn’t say it, Steve did. That’s pretty loud. Josie tells him to give her some space. Moley and Ife arrive. JJ sends them away.

Ben tells Steve that Keeley has united the older HM against them.

Josie goes to the diary room to complain about JJ. She’s very angry because of JJ. She doesn’t understand why. She says that the best way to hurt someone is to ignore them and say that they don’t care. That’s what she will do to JJ.

Josie, Caoimhe, and Ife are talking about JJ. They try to downplay what happened. Josie still thinks that he’s a prick.

Steve and Corin are talking about JJ. Corin says that he just had a massive row with Josie. Steve says that he brings the whole house down. Corin says that he didn’t have a row last week because he was up for nomination. Now, it’s back on.

JJ comes to the diary room and says that he doesn’t want to be here if Josie won’t be his friend.

* * * * *

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