Big Brother UK S11E34 (Channel 4)

Caoimhe tells Josie that JJ is still upset. Josie says that she doesn’t care anymore. Anyone who makes her feel this upset shouldn’t be involved in her life. Josie is lying because we clearly saw that she was calling him names in the footage. JJ walks in the bathroom and Josie doesn’t talk to him.

Andrew has come to the diary room. He really appreciates and likes Josie.

Josie is sulking in the nest. JJ and Caoimhe are talking about the argument that JJ had with Josie. JJ tells him to go to see Josie. JJ has no guts. He asks Caoimhe to talk with Josie for him. What a wanker! Caoimhe goes to see Josie. Caoimhe asks him what she’s going to do about JJ. Caoimhe apologizes for him to her. Josie isn’t interested. Keeley pops in. They stop talking. Josie will keep her distance. Josie starts talking to Keeley. She says that JJ loses his temper really rapidly. She says that she isn’t forgiving JJ this time.

Andrew tells Caoimhe and Corin that they look really good on TV. They look even better in real life. Josie walks away to see Moley in the bedroom. She’s panicking. She thinks that she’s an ugly fatty and she just realized that she’s on TV. She had forgotten it.

The HM are taking part in a task. They have to answer questions about the new HM. During the quiz, Josie answers that Andrew’s worst habit is looking at girl’s boobs. JJ, Ife, and Dave win. Moley is a sore loser.

Andrew is asked about horoscopes and star signs. Andrew says that it’s bollocks. Josie believes in those. Josie tells JJ that she isn’t talking to JJ for the rest of the program. She says that she isn’t going to spend any time with him. JJ wants to know exactly what is going on between them. She calls him an embarrassment. Josie is fuming. She calls him a pussy. Josie lies and says that BB replayed the conversation to her and she didn’t say crab eyes.

The winning team gets an Italian banquet with the new HM. JJ isn’t eating much. He wants to go to the diary room.

Josie is in the bedroom sucking her thumb. JJ tells BB that he wants to leave and he has a little cry. It’s because of Josie. She has been quite mean to him. JJ asks about crab eyes. BB says that he never discusses what has or hasn’t been discussed in the house. JJ is told to try and resolve the situation before leaving.

Josie tells Ben and Corin that she feels that she was a right bitch to JJ a few minutes ago. She tells them about her comments. She thinks that she’s been a right cow.

Caoimhe says that JJ will have to deal with it. Caoimhe says that Josie feels like a bitch. Caoimhe will talk with her. Caoimhe comes to see her. She doesn’t care and repeats this. Josie goes to see him. Josie thinks that he’s carrying on about it. JJ knows that she lied to his face. Josie starts up on him again. She swears at him, shouts at him, and leaves. She comes back and berates him some more. JJ keeps saying that she was lying. Josie never wants to be friends with him again. JJ is taking this well. What a bitch!

JJ is packing up some things. Moley comes in.

Josie talks with the HM. Josie is such a liar. We clearly saw her say crab eyes or mimicking the motions of crab eyes.

JJ is going back to the diary room. He tells Moley that they might get an announcement from BB. It’s too late, JJ is in the diary room. Moley is at the diary room door. JJ says that he wants get out now. He takes off his microphone. BB asks JJ if another HM can come to sit with him. JJ says Josie. Josie mutters that this is so stupid. She’s is wearing a hoodie and a cap to hide her face. She has been doing this for a while now. Josie tells him that he needs to stop being an idiot.

Josie says that it was all her fault. BB asks the HM to give him 3 things that they love about each other. Josie has no problem. She says that he looks good, is handsome, is caring, too sensitive, looks dashing in a football kit, he’s good at snuggling, etc. JJ says that she is funny, she doesn’t take seriously, she does his washing now and again.

Ben joins Moley. Ben thinks that JJ is going. Moley doesn’t want him to go.

Ben, Andrew, and Dave are in the nest talking about JJ. Ben talks about JJ’s temper.

Josie and JJ have been in the diary room for an hour. BB asks them to go back to the house. Josie leaves and tells JJ to come with her. JJ says that he is leaving the house. She keeps beckoning and he says that she doesn’t understand. BB tells JJ to leave the diary room and drink some water. The diary room is very hot and BB is concerned about his welfare. JJ comes back out. The HM are glad. JJ goes to see Josie at the carousel. He asks her if they are too close. She doesn’t think so. She doesn’t know.

At 3AM, most of the HM are in the bedroom. Caoimhe, JJ, and Josie are in the nest. He says that she is the only person’s opinion that he cares about. They’ve resolved their differences.

* * * * *

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