Big Brother UK S11E35 (Channel 4)

Today HM will nominate. Rachel, Andrew, and Keeley have been called to the diary room. They are told that they will do the cooking for the whole house. This is part of the “don’t come dine with me” task. Rachel is cooking breakie. She chose egg, baked beans, tomatoes, Rockford cheese and something else. She is making a layered omelette. She has to use all ingredients. The HM hate it but don’t tell her. Josie and Caoimhe give her good marks.

Steve is in the diary room saying that Keeley is trying to steal the house away from him. He thinks that he’s in control and doesn’t like her trying her management skills on the HM.

JJ, Dave, Josie, and Ben are talking about the noms in the nest. They will be punished. The new HM cannot nominate or be nominated.


Ben                        Ife                          Steve                    “She’s too serious.”
Caoimhe              Ife                          Corin                     “She drains me.”
Corin                     JJ                           Caoimhe              “He attacks people on their appearance.”
Dave                      Ife                          Corin                     “She’s malicious.”
Ife                          Ben                        Caoimhe              “I dislike her.”
JJ                            Ife                          Corin                     “She shows lack of respect.”
Josie                      Ife                          Dave                      “She makes me smile and nod.”
Moley                   Josie                      Caoimhe              “She was insensitive to JJ.”
Steve                     Ben                         JJ                               “He’s lazy.”

Ife, Corin, and Caoimhe are nominated. Moley didn’t get any noms.

A wig and a shave and you’d look like an attractive middle-aged woman.
Ben to Dave

Steve is talking with Andrew and Keeley about his service in Ireland. It makes Keeley emotional. She starts to tear up. Caoimhe says that he’s a hero.

Keeley does lunch. She made curried marrow with rice and wraps. There are anchovies in there as well. The HM think that Keeley’s curry works. Most of the HM give her 8, 9, or 10. Keeley scores 98.

For some reason, Rachel and Keeley are pampering Ben with a facial.

Moley and Andrew are talking in the nest. Andrew asks him how he can be so open with everyone. Moley says that it’s lack of intelligence. He doesn’t think before speaking. Andrew wishes that he had that.

Andrew hasn’t got much to work with. He’s got custard, dragon fruit, liver, and squirty cream. Rachel starts screaming when she hears it. Keeley says that she can’t eat liver. Ben says that liver is delish with bacon and onions. Ben is helping Andrew.

Even if Steve dislikes what Keeley is doing, he tickles her in the nest. The other HM are going to give Andrew a 10 to piss Keeley off. Caoimhe and Dave are behind it.

Andrew’s meal makes the HM retch. Andrew tells a few jokes. The HM give him 10s. Keeley gives him 8. Rachel gives him a 10. Andrew wins. Andrew gets a reward. It’s £1K under a cloche.

Keeley is fuming in the diary room for losing the task. What a bitch!

Caoimhe, Josie and JJ are talking about the Save and Replace task.

* * * * *

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