Big Brother UK S11E36 (Channel 4)

It’s 3:25AM and all of the HM are in bed. Some of the HM start making noise and stuff starts flying around. The HM bug Ben, who starts swearing. He says that he will be ill in a couple of days because he can’t get any sleep. Josie starts singing a song with Caoimhe.

Goodnight Benjaminge with a very long fringe.
Josie to Ben

In the morning, he complains to Corin and Keeley.

Steve complains to Josie about Keeley. She is poison.

For some reason, Ife is talking about nominations. JJ says that he lets the other person win. Ife doesn’t know what she will do.

Ben continues to complain to Dave about not sleeping. Ben thinks that Steve is getting pompous.

Andrew, Moley, Steve, and Keeley are talking. Steve is ignoring Keeley. They argue a bit. Keeley says that Steve is being nasty. Steve starts singing a song about poison ivy. Moley excuses himself.

BB gathers the HM for the noms. Ife, Caoimhe, and Corin are nominated. Moley is shocked. Corin doesn’t feel bad. Dave walks off. Ife whinges to the HM. Ife tells Caoimhe and Corin that she could swap a photo in the save and replace task.

The task involves shooting at each other with some pellets in a gunslinger showdown. Caoimhe wins. She replaces herself with Moley. She tells him that he won’t go. He knew that this would happen. I think that he could go. He says that Shabby did it and she did the same.

I’m kind of surprised that she did this. I expected her to choose Dave. Ife says that she will have to start playing the game, because people are voting tactically. Corin says that she will leave.

JJ and Ben are talking. JJ says that he keeps following Caoimhe. Ben tells JJ that he follows Josie around.

Josie, Caoimhe, and Andrew keep flirting. Moley and Andrew come to the diary room. Moley tells him that he will set him tasks so that he comes out of his shell. He needs to engage in a conversation with all of the girls and end them with hugs and kisses on both cheeks.

Andrew talks with Ife. Moley is talking with Ife. Moley encourages Andrew. It’s funny. Andrew senses an opportunity and asks Keeley how she would do it. He also manages to do Corin.

Caoimhe asks Ben and JJ if they would dare her to kiss Josie. JJ tells Ben that he didn’t like his comments about Josie and him. Josie and Caoimhe didn’t like it because Ben implied that the friendship was one-side. They talk about this at the carousel. Josie is going to talk to Ben about this. Ben runs off. He didn’t like being called out.

Josie and Caoimhe flash Andrew their bras. Andrew is getting embarrassed. Caoimhe tells him to cup Josie’s boob.

Steve does some weight lifting rips with Keeley. They want him to do Ben next. Ben does a bench press with him.

Rachel tells Steve to stop flirting with Keeley and that he should be careful. I think that Rachel is ridiculous. Steve whinges to Moley and Ife about Keeley.

Josie, Keeley, Andrew, and Rachel are talking about what happened in the bedroom.

Moley and Ben are talking about his standing in the house.

Steve has a word with Keeley. Keeley says that he shouldn’t be worried.

* * * * *

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