Big Brother US S12E02 (Channel 4)

Suspicions are flying around. Brendon and Andrew are suspected. Andrew talks with Enzo. He doesn’t think that he’s the saboteur. He was next to a few girls so it’s someone else. Andrew suspects Brendon.

The girls suspect Brendon.

Hayden opens his HoH room. His photos are of his family.

Brendon, Rachel, and Annie are talking. Brendon says that he’s got a M.Sc. in Physics and he’s doing a Phd in super-conductivity. I don’t know if he’s lying. Rachel finds it sexy. He talks about physics. Rachel is all into that. Annie is the 3rd wheel.

Some of the other HM are talking with Hayden. They suspect Brendon. Matt says that Andrew is safe, so they should worry about something else. Kathy suspects that the saboteur is a well-liked girl. Annie isn’t accounted for. Matt says that Annie would make a fantastic saboteur, but she’s let nothing slip.

Annie talks with Annie. She has to tell him that she’s bi. It was burning up inside of her. She has a little cry in the diary room. Annie has a girlfriend. She’s been dating for 1.5 years and she’s in love. Ragan is very touched.

Rachel has a degree in chemistry. She is talking with Brendon in the hot tub. He’s attracted to her. Hayden sees them and knows that they are having a showmance. He doesn’t think that this will be good for the house, because this will be a potential alliance.

Enzo talks with Hayden. Enzo talks about his alliance with Matt and Lane. Enzo says that they were all in the same spot. They couldn’t be the saboteur. Matt, the Mensa member, thinks that he trust them as well. They give themselves some nicknames and give a name to their alliance: The Brigade. Lane has got no idea what a brigade is. Hayden and Enzo think that they will nominate Rachel and Brendon.

The HM will compete in the food comp. The losing team will be on slop, get cold showers and sleep in the have-not room. In the backyard, they find a lot of popcorn. Hayden is dressed up as a fairy. He looks pretty gay. They must cover themselves in caramel and jump into the popcorn to find some teeth. Brendon shorts come down and Rachel finds his butt cute. Matt finds the 1st tooth. For a cop, Kathy is pretty un-athletic. Brendon is next. Monet has got one too. The caramel is pretty sticky. Annie has the 2nd tooth. Kathy is taking her time. Enzo gets tooth #2. Britney gets stuck in the caramel. Kristen finds tooth #3. Andrew finds tooth #4.

The green team has 5. Britney is stuck in the caramel. Rachel has figured out how not to get stuck. Green and blue teams are tied at 5, but not for long. Annie brings back #6. Kathy is stuck in the caramel. Enzo finds two teeth and stashes one. Britney finds it and brings it back. Andrew has got #8. Andrew and the greens win. Britney inadvertently kicks Kathy in the head, who’s still stuck. Lane goes for the last tooth. The pinks finish 2nd. The blue team is on slop. It’s Rachel, Matt, Kathy, and Ragan.

Kathy has to be pulled out by a few HM. Matt thinks that she might be the saboteur. The have-not room is really bad. The beds are chaise lounge chairs. There are jars filled with bugs.

Kathy is pissed at Britney that Enzo found her a tooth. Kathy tells her that Britney that she was worst. I guess you need to put someone down in order to put yourself up.

Andrew has some cereal and finds the photos of Britney and Kathy vandalized with sticky tape. Hayden isn’t impressed. He thinks that Andrew is the saboteur. Brendon finds this as well. Kathy is worried, but pretends everything is fine. Britney takes off the tape on her photo. Monet tells her not to make a big deal out of it.

The saboteur talks with the BBUS house. He doesn’t say much. Britney is worried and talks with Hayden. Britney would nominate Kathy and Brendon. Britney says that she’ll vote his way.

Hayden nominates Brendon and Rachel. There’s a girl that I hadn’t seen before in the house. I wonder who she is. Her name is Kristen. Ah well, she’s forgettable.

* * * * *

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