2011 Giant MTB Line

Giant Anthem 29er

This year, Giant will release an Anthem X 29er. It’s been seen around for a bit of time, but it’s a good move for Giant MTBs. In order to make the 29er behave like a 26-inch they changed the head angle up to 71.5°. The bottom bracket is kept low and the chainstays are short. It will be compatible with 2×10 and 3×10 transmissions. The clearance of the tires is up to 2.3in.

Trance X gets an update

Just like the Anthem X 29er, the other ALUXX models will get an Overdrive head tube, a MegaDrive down tube, and a PowerCore BB. The Reign, Trance X, and Anthem X are the bikes that will get this. The Glory, Faith, and Reign X, as well as the Anthem X Advanced SL and the Trance X Advanced remain unchanged for this year as they received an overhaul last year.

The Reign receives a 115g weight reduction and a slacker head angle. Trance X gets a straight top tube, which will save 75g and increase torsional stiffness by 4%. A post mount brake mount is standard for the upgraded models as well.

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One thought on “2011 Giant MTB Line”

  1. What would a Trance X or Trance X1 cost with shipment to Singapore. Size would be Small.


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