2011 Pinarello Road Bicycles

This year, Pinarello is emphasizing their asymmetric design philosophy. The models stay the same but they’ve announced a new re-designed Paris Carbon, which is made out of 50HM 1.5K carbon. It’s slot is right after the Prince Carbon. The Prince is made out of 50HM 1K carbon. The Dogma is made out of 60HM 1K carbon. The Dogma is available in a Di2 compatible frame.

New Paris Carbon in 526 BoB

Claimed weight of the Paris Carbon is 1,040g.

FP4 in Bob Glass 514

The other newly overhauled model is the FP4, or the FPQuattro. It’s made out of 30HM 12K carbon. Claimed weight is 1,100 g. The TT rig is called the Graal.





2 responses to “2011 Pinarello Road Bicycles”

  1. Paulo Henrique Avatar
    Paulo Henrique


    What means “50HM 1.5K” ?

    Paulo henrique.

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Paulo, it’s the type of carbon fiber. It stands for 50 tons per square centimeter of high modulus 1500 carbon fiber. 50 tons is the resistance factor or stiffness. 1.5K are the filaments. The lower the number, the better.

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