Big Brother UK Eviction S11E38 (Channel 4)

It’s 8:34AM. Dave, Andrew, and Steve are still trapped. Moley, Ife, and Corin are up early drinking coffee.

It’s not going to going to get any minter for me.

The Über-Cougar has released her captives for some exercise. Moley has to become a comic-book geek, as do all of the rescued male HM.

Caoimhe is trying to explain girls to JJ, but he still doesn’t get it.

Josie must make 10 hotdogs while running. Josie completes her challenge. She releases Steve. It’s funny how Rachel and Keeley are the 1st HM to hug Steve.

You give me some shit guns and some shit rolls.

Andrew with his logical mind is trying to debate with Dave about the existence of God. Andrew isn’t convinced.

Josie says that she doesn’t fancy JJ now. He’s too young and immature. Josie says that there are no other men here, this is why she likes him. She also starts getting jealous of Caoimhe and Keeley.

Rachel needs to fly for the duration of a song.

Josie tells JJ that she no longer feels embarrassed. They kind of talk what happened. Rachel was like: “it’s obvious, you both love each other”.

Ife must hold a fake car above her head for 5 minutes. The wind makes her drop it.

The HM win £500 for this week’s shopping. The HM are freed. HM have 1 hour to do their shopping list. Caoimhe wants to buy some alcohol, but the others want to buy food. She whinges to Dave. Dave is poking fun at her by imitating her accent. It’s funny. A bit later, JJ makes fun of Caoimhe. Caoimhe says that she eats egg and cereal. JJ agrees. Josie is pissed because she spent so much time on the shopping list. Josie goes to whinge in the bathroom. JJ goes to see her. Josie is pissed at Caoimhe. She isn’t pissed at JJ. Caoimhe comes in singing a little song about carrots and potatoes. It’s funny. Josie is still pissed.

Later, Josie and JJ are playfighting in the garden.

Andrew and Keeley are in the nest laughing about Corin. Corin is pretty stupid and they laugh at her limited vocabulary.

Josie and Andrew play around. Josie says that she’s got a new man in Andrew. Andrew tells JJ to back off, Josie is his now.


Davina McQwack has been repeating what HM are saying behind each other’s back to the HM. This has created a row between JJ and Ife. Ife is evicted. That’s wasn’t a surprise. She got so many boos. People hate her. She got 56.5% of the vote.

She sees the HM who nominated her.

Ben has been called to the diary room for a treat. It’s a distraction for the chest of the temptation to strike. The HM are called to the bathroom. The chest wants them to dress up in a posh way and talk posh for 24 hours. If they do so, they will get Ben’s suitcase. They have to drape jumpers over their shoulders and wear some wigs.

There’s no Ben in team.
Chest of temptation

We see Ben come out of the diary room. They all have quiff heads.

* * * * *

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