Big Brother UK S11E39 (Channel 4)

Davina McQuack starts squeaking some quotes. The HM have to ID themselves and put a coin into Bob Righter. JJ knows right away that it’s Caoimhe.

A word that comes to mind about her is rough.

Caoimhe hasn’t told Corin that her comment was about her. She received some menthol fags for this. Caoimhe feels bad about the comment she made.

Josie comes to the diary room. She’s starting to feel embarrassed. She thinks that Davina McQuack will say something about her fancying JJ. It’s Keeley, but Ife puts in the coin. Ife is stupid. Ife didn’t wait for Keeley and just decided to put in the coin.

I love talking about myself.

Keeley and Steve have come to the diary room. Moley and Josie are talking about JJ. Moley says that they would make a great couple. Josie says that she was a size 10. She’s a size 16 or 18 now. She’s happy now. When she takes a shower, she feels self-conscious and embarrassed.

Why on earth would a 24-year old start crying in the diary room over a girl he didn’t fancy.

Ife no longer has a coin. She wrenches JJ’s coin away and breaks his bracelet. She gets to hear her favourite song. Josie is sucking her thumb. Josie is embarrassed about what Ife said. JJ is also pissed off. He wouldn’t have given it to Ife if he knew what she had said. Ife is quite pleased with herself.

JJ tells Ife off for her shitty behaviour. JJ tells her that she bagged him and then took his coin. She says that she will give her coin back. JJ says that she should do so. Ife thinks that he is winding her up. JJ is getting annoyed. Moley tells them to go outside.

Josie is getting really stressed about what Davina McQuack will say about her and JJ. Josie tells Steve that JJ is getting embarrassed. Steve says that JJ should just come out and tell Josie his feelings.

Moley and Keeley tell JJ to be calm.

Ife comes to whinge to Josie. Ife knows that she’s wrong and shouldn’t have taken his coin. They continue arguing in the garden. Josie is getting embarrassed. She’s hiding her face and cringing. Josie leaves.

Josie goes up to the bird and threatens it.

Ben and Dave are in the nest talking about JJ. Ben says that JJ is becoming duller by the day because he keeps repeating himself.

I do fancy JJ when he’s in a football kit, I’ve got to be honest.

Josie gets some 5 bars of chocolate. Josie and Andrew are in the bathroom. She says that JJ gets so jealous and JJ has to get close. Josie is annoyed.

Ife gets evicted. The HM are surprised by the amount of boos that Ife gets upon her eviction.

Ben is called to the diary room for some treats. Meanwhile, the HM are called to see the chest of temptation to act as posh wankers to win Ben’s suitcase back. Rachel is very loud and annoying.

The HM have to speak in a posh accent and wear a wig that makes them look like Ben. Ben tells JJ that he’s unemployed in the nest. Later, Ben says that JJ keeps taking the mick out of him. JJ comes to see him. JJ says that Ben keeps ripping him all of the time. Ben says that the public got to decide.

The public can f*cking jam it.
JJ to Ben

JJ has a proper go on Ben because he keeps mentioning the public and he wants to get a job out of the BB program. JJ tells Ben that he doesn’t do anything in the house. Ben is told by JJ that he is a very selfish person, the most selfish person in the BBUK house.

They have been arguing for 90 minutes. Moley decides to take out his pants and go into the bedroom. JJ says that one of Moley’s testes is really big. Ben is upset. He goes to the diary room to have a cry.

It’s been an hour since BB has provided the HM with alcohol. We can see Caoimhe’s boobs through her wet shirt. Caoimhe runs after JJ with her top almost undone. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her shirt.

* * * * *

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