Big Brother UK S11E40 (Channel 4)

JJ tells Caoimhe that she was on fire last night. JJ apologizes to Ben.

-Why are you pissed off that Caoimhe had her tits out?
-Pissed off? That was the highlight of the series!
Josie and JJ

Ben is in the diary room. BB asks him for some Ben commandments. His 1st says that everyone should do their own dishes.

Dave whinges to Ben, Keeley, and Rachel about Caoimhe and her tits. I liked her tits. What’s the problem? He says that he didn’t enjoy that and all of the negative stuff stems from one person.

Josie is pissed at Caoimhe. She whinges to Corin, Ben, and Dave. She says that if you tell one of your mates that you fancy a bloke, it’s hands off. Josie thinks that Caoimhe is making a move on JJ.

BB gathers the HM. Ben reads out the Ben commandments. Josie walks away from Josie. She asks Corin if she is overreacting. She’s going to stay away from JJ. Corin tells her not to. Josie thinks that Caoimhe fancies JJ.

Ben tells Dave that Josie causes trouble and controversy. Josie is whinging to Steve and Corin again. Josie keeps saying that Steve and her were in the same ocean last night. WTF. Feeling the same way about Corin?

Hair coloring has spread in the bedroom. It’s all over JJ’s stuff. It was Josie. It got all over JJ’s hats. I think she did this on purpose. Andrew tells JJ to lay off Josie. JJ talks with Josie and Caoimhe, but Josie is being bitchy. She doesn’t want to hear about Andrew. Josie whinges to Corin.

The HM get a roast dinner.

Josie tells JJ and Caomihe that she’s on her period. Josie tells JJ that he keeps bitching to Caoimhe. He’s upset that she switched beds. She doesn’t care. She’s with Moley.

Caoimhe and Corin give Steve a big hug. He’s been feeling down and missing his family because of the dinner.

Ben has asked Corin to help out with the music. She’s singing Goldfinger from 007. Josie is back cuddling JJ. JJ discovers that Josie doesn’t like Caoimhe anymore.

Corin sings atrociously during the soirée while Ben is playing. He gets his suitcase back and Dave immediately tells him that they had to dress up as Bens for him to get it. Rachel shouts at him for this because the chest warned them not to do this. They will face the wrath of the tree. Dave is a complete idiot.

Josie comes to the diary room and says that she feels like a right cow for treating JJ and Caoimhe the way she did.

JJ tells Dave that he doesn’t find her attractive anymore. Dave is trying to explain things to him. Dave tells him that Josie is really attracted to him.

* * * * *

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