Big Brother UK S11E41 (Channel 4)

Josie tells Moley that she’ll talk with Caoimhe today about what happened with JJ yesterday. A few minutes later, she talks to her. Caoimhe feels embarrassed and wants to leave. She goes to talk with BB. She actually runs off to the toilet and vomits. Or at least tries to. She then goes to talk with BB, who tells her to think about it.

Josie feels like a shit now. JJ knows that something is going on, but doesn’t know. Caoimhe talks with Rachel and Keeley. Rachel says that Caoimhe is a bit flirty by natures, but she shouldn’t be embarrassed. She should just talk it out with Josie.

Caoimhe says that JJ doesn’t realize how much Josie likes him. No one has told him. Josie comes to the diary room and says that she wants to go home. She feels bad about the situation but now she feels better. JJ talks with Josie when she comes out. Josie tells JJ something. She unplugs her mic to do this. It was very deliberate.

I just saw Corin without any makeup. That doesn’t look good. Later, Josie tells Caoimhe that she’s come clean with JJ. Caoimhe comes to see JJ. Caoimhe says that Josie likes him a lot. JJ doesn’t think that Josie has any feelings for him. Caoimhe disagrees. JJ says that he wouldn’t act on anything in here.

Rachel and JJ are in the bathroom. Rachel says that she starts fancying people who have talents. Rachel really likes him.

I go for knobheads basically.

Ben tells Caoimhe that she spent too much time with Josie and JJ. She didn’t do anything wrong.

Josie tells Caoimhe that she feels so sorry. They can get back to normal now. Josie says that if it gets that bad again, she’s out of here. Caoimhe wants to go with her.

Steve is lying in Keeley’s bed. Ben and JJ bring it up to Keeley. Keeley says that she’s giving Steve a wide berth. Steve has never tried sharing any HM’s bed. Steve was lying in her bed and sniffing her pillow. That was strange. Andrew and Ben tease her about it. Ben says that Steve has got a weird thing for her.

Moley and Josie talk. Josie says that she told JJ that she fancies him. It was apparent to her that JJ doesn’t like her that her. He would have told her.

JJ and Caoimhe are lounging in bed. JJ says that he thinks that he’s got 5 more days. Caoimhe is thinking the same.

Josie and JJ are talking about Caoimhe and their feelings.

Keeley tells Dave and Corin about her footballers. She’s dated 5 of them. Dated or screwed them or something like that. The papers were calling her a wannabe wag. She was screwing married footballers. She wasn’t to say who.

BB provides the HM with alcohol for the 10th anniversary of BBUK. JJ and Steve are talking about the noms. Steve says that you will have to start nominating your mates. The HM start throwing some party foods. Some of the HM take it too far. Other HM like Steve are pissed.

The HM get some music. Why is Josie wearing a bathrobe? Rachel look slike she’s having a good time. I like her dress.

Later, Ben and Rachel are cuddling in the nest.

The HM use the helium in the balloons to speak in funny voices.

Josie tells Ben that Caoimhe has been rude and cruel to people. Ben says that Dave doesn’t like Caoimhe’s negativity. Josie and JJ cuddle under the covers.

Caoimhe tells the HM that she wants to be nominated. This won’t go down well with BB. She’ll be punished. Caoimhe walks to the diary room. JJ comes to see if she’s alright. She isn’t alright. Caoimhe says that she doesn’t want to be here. Caoimhe says that Josie fancies him and she thinks that JJ doesn’t fancy her. It’s finally dawning on him what’s been going on.

* * * * *

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