Big Brother UK S11E42 (Channel 4)

It’s nominations day. Josie tells Corin that Caoimhe just realized that Josie really liked JJ. Josie is bitching about Caoimhe. I think she’s making a big deal about nothing. Josie will nominate her, of course.


Andrew                Corin                     Rachel                   “She’s quite shallow.”
Ben                        JJ                             Steve                    “He’s aggressive.”
Caoimhe              N/A She talked about the noms so she can’t nominate this week
Corrin                   Caoimhe              Rachel                   “She brings HM down.”
Dave                      Caoimhe              Keeley                  “She showed her boobs.”
JJ                            Corin                     Keeley                  “She’s a 1-minute wonder.”
Josie                      Caoimhe              Dave                      “I feel let down.”
Keeley                  Caoimhe              JJ                             “She’s ignorant.”
Moley                   Caoimhe              Josie                      “She’s being awkward with Caoimhe.”
Rachel                   Caoimhe              Ben                        “Because of the bed situation.”
Steve                     Caoimhe              Rachel                   “She’s loud and squealy.”

Caoimhe received 7 noms. Rachel got 3 noms. They are nominated this week.

Dave and JJ are talking in the nest about Keeley. She’s come in to win.

The HM have to compete in some kind of pantyhose comp. Caoimhe will face Keeley. Caoimhe thinks that Keeley is a bitch.

A few moments later, Caoimhe bitches about Keeley. Caoimhe isn’t happy with her.

HM must go head to head in a tug-of-war pantyhose comp. The winners will get a pampering party. Steve is the adjudicator. JJ vs Moley. Moley immediately loses. Moley is a sore loser. Rachel vs Corin. Corin wins. Dave vs Ben. Dave wins. Josie vs Andrew. Andrew wins. Josie just let him win. Keeley vs Caoimhe. Caoimhe wins. They were really going at it. Their faces were all distorted. It was the most competitive match. Keeley is seething.

Ben and Dave are whinging about Moley. They think that Moley is stupid. JJ and Josie are called to the diary room for turning off their microphone. They must each write a sentence on each other ten times. They cover each other with writing. It’s funny. Josie drew a large penis on JJ’s leg.

Caoimhe and JJ are in the bathroom talking about Keeley. They both dislike her. Josie and Corin are talking about Caoimhe at the carousel.

In the bedroom, Keeley says that Steve is always a referee or something. He’s never involved in the comps. He’s not a team player. Keeley talked about the noms. Then she calls JJ Captain Drama. Keeley is a sore loser.

The winners get champagne, music, a pampering kit, and some party food. The losers are playing a game called hide the cat. Corin says that she can’t dance nor can she sing.

Caoimhe tells Corin and JJ that she wishes that she could tell Dave how she feels about him. It’s eating her up inside. Josie asks Ben if Caoimhe is flirting with JJ again. Andrew is getting a fake tan. Corin is applying it. Caoimhe comes to the diary room. She says that she wants to leave. She wants to be with her boyfriend. BB says that she should sleep on it.

Andrew is spraying the fake tan on Dave. He’s making him very dark.

Caoimhe tells Corin and JJ that she can’t stay here anymore. She doesn’t want to be here anymore.

JJ and Caoimhe are talking about why she wants to leave. Keeley tells them to leave. Caoimhe says that she will talk to whomever she wants in her bed. Keeley is being a total bitch. Andrew says that this is making him feel uncomfortable. Keeley starts to shout. JJ tells her to butt out. Ben gets involved.

So Caoimhe has left the BBUK house.

* * * * *

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