Wilier Cento1 Superleggera Petacchi

Wilier Cento1 SL in a Petacchi paintjob

This great-looking edition of Wilier’s top of the line Cento1 Superleggera is currently available in a limited fashion. This is the edition that’s used by Team Lampre and Petacchi during this year’s Tour de France.

While I don’t know why Team Lampre uses this paint scheme, since it totally clashes with their pink and blue team colors, I find it gorgeous. I’ve seen prices for this for around $5,800 USD. We’ve got it for significantly cheaper, so send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com in order to order your own Petacchi edition Wilier Cento1 SL.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

2 thoughts on “Wilier Cento1 Superleggera Petacchi”

  1. hi just wondering were u can get that san marco saddle and the stem/bars and what the name of them isi have this frame and want to out them on it…..cheers

    1. The saddle is a San Marco and the stem is a Ritchey. You’d have to ask the place you bought your frame to see if they can order the matching parts. From what I know, the stem is supposed to sell with the frameset.

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