5.6 KM Short Run

I took a rest day last night because my left Achilles tendon was slightly sore. I figured out how to sync the Garmin Edge 500 quickly. It needs to be placed on a windowsill with a clear view of the sky. If this is done and the device isn’t moved, syncing with the satellites can be done in 10-20 seconds. That’s a lot faster than the minutes it took before!

I was running alone and I think that I improved quite a bit from my last run. It took me 43:12 to run 5.6km. It’s not that great of a time because I had to take a few breaks. If I shave off the breaks, I think that I could run this in about 35 minutes or so. Well, that’s going to be my short term goal. I want to go for an 8km run on Sunday or so. Tomorrow, I’ll go for a short run early in the day and then I’ll go for a short/medium bike ride. I haven’t had time to go on the bike this week. Next week, I need to make time for this as well.

When I came back, I had to walk the dog. Then I took a shower and used hot/cold water to get a sort of contrasting effect on my legs. It felt good. I’ve got my legs all wrapped up nice and tight to recover. I’ve ordered the quickrelease mount for the Garmin Forerunner 310XT, which is supposed to be compatible with the Edge 500, as well as the footpod.

Ideally, I should go for a run at 7AM before going to work, but I haven’t been able to do so yet. Anyway, it’s a goal that I have. That would leave me enough time to get a bike ride in during the evenings.

This week, my plan is to run at least 30km. Next week, I should up that to 40km. 50 the week after. Why do I run? I find that running is a great way to get back into shape. It takes less time than biking, although I honestly prefer biking to running. However, I was trying to be a long-distance runner before and I still want to do so.

Back to the Garmin data. My best pace was 3:15min/km, which is nice and fast. My average pace was 7:42min/km. My heart rate was 154bpm with a high of 174bpm. The average temp was 31˚C. I honestly feel slow when I’m running, but I’m getting a good feeling when I do so. The second half of the run is a lot slower and I don’t have enough energy to make the last few hundred meters a sprint, like I used to do before.

* * * * *


weekly km count: 18.49
monthly km count: 18.49
yearly km count: 18.49


weekly km count: 21.33
monthly km count: 95.85
yearly km count: 170.85

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