Big Brother UK S11E44 (Channel 4)

For this week’s shopping task, the HM will be joining BB High and singing show tunes in the glee club. The HM are woken by music. Immediately, Rachel prances around and dances wildly. Some guy named Andrew Stone arrives. Rachel is going bonkers.

2 HM will have to perform live in front of the eviction crowd on Friday. The HM have to make a music video that will have to get 100,000 views by Friday. They will need to do this in order to pass.

Andrew runs a warm-up session for all of the HM.

Ben is being difficult about his quiff head hair. Moley tells him that he’s trying to weasel out of doing the task. Ben is supposed to be a geek. Moley says that he always does half-assed versions. Quiff head has been acting like a complete wanker recently.

Dave tells Josie and JJ that the crowd wants to see them do a duet. Dave is just winding them up.

The auditions have started. Andy and Ben are terrible. Corin sings off key as well. She thinks that she did well but knows that she can’t carry a tune. JJ and Dave are slightly better. Josie sings off key. Moley isn’t too bad. Rachel is good. Andrew tells her that she’s got a lovely vibrato and that she takes singing seriously. He tells her that she needs singing lessons. Steve is also not so bad.

Josie and JJ are in the nest. They are snuggling.

Keeley is in hospital and won’t be returning to the BBUK house. BB gathers the HM in the living room. BB says that the noms are null and void. The eviction has been cancelled. Rachel jumps around like a toddler.

The HM do a last vocal warm-up session. They sing Don’t Stop Believin’, just like the cast of Glee.

It’s time for the results of the audition. The lead male role is Steve. The lead female role is Rachel. Steve is quite pleased. The 2nd lead male role is Moley. The 2nd female role is Josie. 2 HM on support roles are Ben and Dave. Backing vocals are JJ and Corin.

The HM are recording the vocals. Josie is good when she smiles.

Josie and JJ are snuggling in the bed again. They don’t look like they’re just friends anymore. I thought that JJ said that he didn’t find Josie attractive.

Corin is married. Dave tells JJ that Ben keeps saying the same thing over and over again. He preferred being alone with Dave.

* * * * *

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