Covert Affairs Walters Walk S01E02 (USA)

Covert Affairs title card

Following the success of Burn Notice, USA is trying another espionage-based series. While I didn’t expect much, I was pleasantly surprised by this show. Granted, Piper Perabo helps, and while she doesn’t look like a 20-year old anymore, she looks young enough to fit the bill for the title character. I find it surprising that a young CIA trainee would be put directly into the field. Also, it’s my understanding that on domestic issues, the FBI runs the show, not the CIA. The CIA has the operational directive of anything out of the US. I am unsure that it’s legal for the CIA to run a domestic operation, but I could be wrong.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Annie’s sister Danielle asks her to be the legal guardian of the girls if something happens to them. Annie says she has to think about it. She goes to work. Everyone is packing up to move into another building.

Joan wants Annie to debrief the walk-ins. A woman comes to see her. Her son decoded a numbers station. The clue led him to a mailbox to pick up an envelope. Her son is freaked out now. Walter is studying computer science. Her son’s a kid genius. Her son is reading Robert Ludlum’s Parsifal Mosaic. He gives her the station but no recordings. Annie asks Auggie to look into it.

Jay Wilcox has been assigned to the DPD by Joan’s husband. Auggie doesn’t like Jay. Jay’s father is the former head of clandestine services.

Auggie starts checking into them. The numbers aren’t random and they are encrypted. Annie’s walk-in may have uncovered an active spy transmission. Helen calls Annie. She thinks that she’s being followed. She doesn’t want to come to Langley. She says that she has been followed from there. The number station points to IRA dead drops. This leads to Cahill, a former IRA terrorist recently released from jail. Annie is meeting up with an MI6 operative. They need Walter’s tapes.

Joan comes to see Walter. She’s pissed.

Annie meets her MI6 spook. She does some good driving to distance his tail. His name is Elliot. They go to Helen’s place. While they are snooping, someone rings the bell. Some guy bursts in and Annie has to fight him. She’s about to be knocked out when Elliot shoots him in the head. Annie takes Walter’s HD, but when she does, some vacuum tube contraption falls to the floor. Elliot and Annie try and make their exit, but find the lobby filled with cops. A cop in the knowhow tells them that they didn’t see anything or hear anything and that they are heading back to Langley. Annie drops Elliot off and goes home. Annie tells her sister that she can’t do the will. She goes in to work the next day and is pissed at being beaten in a fight. Auggie helps her with some tips. The dead courier is IRA and a former associate of Cahill. Walter and Helen have gone off the grid. She wants to find them. Joan doesn’t want to let her go ahead, but Jay intervenes for her and she gets clearance.

They’ve found Cahill and try to intercept him. It’s very blatant. Annie goes through Helen’s apartment again. She noticed a photo of Walter at some cabin. She traces it and follows it up.

Cahill isn’t talking.

Annie finds Helen. Annie talks with Walter turns over the tapes. Helen says that she reached out the British embassy and talked with an intelligence operative. Annie talks with Auggie. She realizes that Elliot bugged her phone. He’s arrived and he’s after Helen and Walter. He didn’t come alone. He arrived with two pals.

Annie uses one of Walter’s vacuum tubes to jury-rig a bomb using propane. She takes out the associates but has to deal with Elliot herself. Elliot was trying to blame Cahill.

Jay reports to Arthur. He’s told that he needs to get closer to Annie. It’s all linked to Ben Mercer.

* * * * *

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