The Closer The Big Bang S06E01 (TNT)

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The Closer is an American police drama starring Kyra Sedgwick, who plays a Deputy Chief of Police at the LAPD. Sedgwick plays Brenda Leigh Johnson, an ex-CIA interrogator. She is a southern belle and her easy going charm has surprised more than one criminal during an interrogation. She always gets the bad guys. She was put in charge of the Priority Homicide division of the LAPD.

She’s had to deal with conflict from Commander Taylor, chief of detectives, since she was promoted over him from the outside to her current position. This conflict has been resolved in season 4. Commander Taylor is now one of her staunchest allies. Her team are seasoned veterans, some close to retiring like Lt Provenza, others like Sgt Gabriel just a few years into their police careers. Daniels was promoted off the squad and this season, there is a new conflict with Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell), who investigates any civilian deaths in officer involved shootings.

Her personal life wasn’t always as stable as it is right now. She’s currently engaged to an FBI Agent named Fritz Howard, who helps her from time to time on some cases. They’ve just sold Brenda’s bungalow and moved into a temporary space as they search for a new house to buy.

Brenda is a severe workaholic, to the sacrifice of her personal relationships. She tends to micro-manage her investigations and take a close look at details. She loves junk food and sweets but is currently trying to lay off them. She usually hides all types of junk food in drawers, purses, and other places. She is also known to be a “bit of a slob”, commenting that she does not often get around to housework every day in one episode, and in another, during a small argument between her and Fritz over where her mail was, Fritz comments that “if she looked at her mail daily instead of once a week, she would know where they keep it”.

From wiki’s page.

The Closer is one of the best police dramas on television right now and is in its fourth season on TNT. Each summer sees 13 episodes. A feature length episode is shown over the holidays. For this season, the episode format has changed. The show has returned for five more episodes in 2009 and season 5 started out a few weeks ago.

I’ve been a bit lax about posting reviews, but rest assured that all Closer episodes were watched and reviewed. They just haven’t been posted. They will find their way onto this site.

* * * * *

The Chief is moving into her new departmental HQ, which is completely unorganized. Meanwhile, they have to investigate the death of Beebe, who was found by a LAPD chopper.

As usual, I really like this show. The theme for season 6 is attraction. I wonder what will happen and if Pope will get promoted.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A police helicopter spots a body in the outside wires of a house. The cops find a woman there. It’s a Major Crimes case. He had a telescope fitted with a DSLR.

Beebe was killed. His laptop is password protected. It contains the photos. He was shot from 200 yards away by a rifle. The girl wants to leave because her husband will be back soon.

Her house is nearby. Her husband is home from Palm Springs.

Major Crimes is in a new building. There are a bunch of problems with the building. Nothing works. The Deputy Chief is pissed. Chief Pope has to give her a little pep talk.

The Deputy Chief tells Walker that his wife and contractor were sleeping together. She initially tried to put him at ease. It didn’t work as planned. He lawyers up.

They bring in Beebe’s employees. He was demonstrative with his affections to women. The woman is the bookkeeper. Her husband was Beebe’s best friend. They get a search warrant for the Walker place and find a rifle mount and evidence that someone wiped their footprints from the roof.

Brenda talks this over with Fritzi. He makes her think that it was a premeditated crime.

Tao managed to unlock the computer. Beebe was looking at the stars. He changed his password to Sherrie. Taylor is parking in the conference room for a while. He hasn’t been assigned an office yet by Pope. For the Chief of Detectives not to have an office is kind of strange.

The Deputy Chief talks with Walker’s attorney Murdock. Walker isn’t talking anymore. They have to wire up Sherrie in order to trap Caleb. They let her go in. Initially, the Chief thought that this was a terrible idea but now they have no choice. Sherrie finds Walker waiting for her with a belt. He starts to choke her. They arrive in time to save Sherrie and arrest him for murder. Sherrie is pretty dim.

Pope asks for an update. They don’t think that Walker killed Beebe. It was someone else. A rifle was stolen from a house that Beebe’s was renovating. The password before the current one was Melanie. This is the bookkeeper. He was sleeping with her. They talk with the husband. Melanie was in love with Beebe. The Chief tells him that her squad has a search warrant and is going through his things.

He confesses to killing Beebe.

Pope has a big press conference. The Chief of Police makes an announcement. Pope thinks that he is taking over the for the Chief.

* * * * *

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