Big Brother UK S11E46 (Channel 4)

Ben whinges about Rachel talking in his bed last night.

JJ tells Rachel and Josie that Ben doesn’t shower. He’s only seen him shower twice. Dave says that this is the BBUK house, not his house at home. Ben’s a wanker. Everyone accepts it now.

Ben is in the shower right now. Moley says that he’s also surprised that he’s taking a shower. Ben says that he scrubs himself down every afternoon. He doesn’t shower. OMG, what a dirty bastard!

Ben tells Rachel that if she keeps talking loudly at night, he’ll have to go. Rachel is getting upset because Ben blames her for being noisy.

The HM are told that Keeley won’t be coming back. She will be recuperating at home after hospital. The HM are talking about Josie and JJ. Rachel is convinced that JJ fancies Josie in a physical way. Dave has trouble believing that. In most of the HM’s opinion, Josie fancies JJ, but JJ just likes Josie, but not in a physical way.

The HM are talking about the potential new HM. Meanwhile, Josie tells JJ that they will get nominated together. Josie says that she enjoys his company more and more.

It’s eviction night. For some reason, Steve is stroking Rachel in a suggestive manner. It’s disturbing. Andy and Corin go outside to sing. It’s pathetic. The HM see them on the plasma. The HM passed the shopping task. I think that HM were most impressed by the reaction of the crowd. BB tells the HM that 3 new HM will enter the BBUK house. The HM have to shush Rachel. She’s such a loud and annoying HM. She can’t help herself in being loud. Rachel keeps shouting.

The HM are shown footage of the new HM. Josie is sucking her thumb. Two of the new HM say that they would nominate Rachel. Two of the new HM would nominate Ben. Rachel is so loud that she pushes JJ to choose Jo. JJ says that they will take JJ². Then, he says Jo. The last new HM is Laura. The HM voted. Josie is already pissed off because Laura will come into the house. I think that Josie’s teeth are malformed because of all of her thumb sucking.

JJ² is a boxer, Jo is a makeup artist, and Laura is a sales rep. Above them all, Rachel is extremely loud.

It’s been 35 minutes since the new HM have entered the BBUK house. I don’t know why Moley is so excited about JJ². He’s obviously not gay. The HM get some champagne.

Rachel is very loud and ignorant. Ben gives Rachel some cuddles. Dave has to come by and hug her too.

JJ² says that he needs to train hard in the BBUK house. JJ, Moley, and Corin are talking about JJ². Moley is infatuated. Moley is such a wanker. Why does he keep fancying these non-gay blokes? Josie arrives.

The HM are in the kitchen talking about working out. JJ puts on a football kit for Josie. Josie is embarrassed because she has always said that she fancies him in a football kit. Corin and Josie are talking. Corin thinks that JJ is feeling threatened by JJ².

Steve is in the diary room. He thinks that this will push JJ and Josie together, not apart.

Ben, Dave, and Andy are talking about the new HM. Ben describes Jo as hostile. Andy and Dave agrees.

Josie, Laura, and Rachel are talking about JJ at the carousel. Laura says that he is giving Josie mixed signals. Laura says that he goes to the diary room and says that he doesn’t have those feelings about Josie. Laura says that JJ is besotted with her. Rachel agrees.

JJ and JJ² are talking about shoes. Jo gets involved and makes things uncomfortable. She obviously doesn’t know that JJ has got a British passport. She wants to be JJ’s wifey.

Laura is showing off some cosmetics to the HM in the nest.

Josie and JJ are talking about what Laura told Josie about what she saw on BB. Josie asks him about this because she wants him to admit that she likes her in a romantic fashion. Honestly, I can’t see this happening.

Josie and JJ are snuggling in the bed together. JJ says that he loves her and Josie replies that she loves him too.

* * * * *

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