Big Brother UK S11E47 (Channel 4)

Josie predicts that JJ and JJ² will compete against each other.

All of the boys are working about because of JJ². Ben, Andy, and Steve aren’t involved. Andy says that he’s awkward around Laura. Moley is following JJ² around like a dog.

Some of the HM are completing this week’s shopping list. Andy, Steve, and Moley think that it was easy this week. JJ² is pouring drinks for the ladies.

Ben is talking about JJ² and JJ to Dave. Ben doesn’t like that the women don’t think that he’s a hunk. Dave says that Moley thinks that he’s an Adonis.

Jo makes JJ² and JJ arm wrestle. JJ is going to lose. JJ² is a boxer, or so he says. Josie is sucking her thumb. JJ² wins. Josie fusses over JJ. She cleaned off a nose booger off his nose. It makes Andy uncomfortable.

The new HM are called into the diary room. In order to win a party, they must tell a story to Dave three times. They’ve got 2 hours. Moley asks the new HM if they got a secret task.

Laura wants to give Dave something. Ben follows them like a dog. They lie down on a bed together. Laura tells her elephant story. JJ² also starts telling his story. JJ² is the first one that completes task. Jo is a close 2nd. Laura follows them.

Moley is talking to Andy about the new HM. Andy says that he’s out of the trio now. Steve comes hobbling in. He looks grumpy. He feels like he wants to go home.

JJ² is in the diary room. He feels an immediate bond with JJ.

Moley doesn’t feel well. He feels left out and mopes in the bathroom. Dave, Ben, and Andy are talking about Moley. Ben says that Moley doesn’t like the attention that the new HM are getting. Dave says that Moley has cracked at the foundation. The Mole has been funny with Dave. He’s been popping.

The HM are facing the viewers. The HM have chosen JJ² to compete. He needs to use chopsticks to move beans into an empty bowl. The viewers were using tweezers, which is kind of unfair. The HM win.

Jo is doing Josie’s makeup. Ben is whinging to Laura how BB is bad TV. Steve and Dave talk about wanting to leave. Dave makes Steve feel better. Steve says that Rachel, Moley, and Ben aren’t happy either.

The HM are told about the new HM’s story. They passed the task and get a party.

Andy and Jo are talking. Ben, Dave, and Steve are there as well. Moley says that Andy fancies Josie.

While everyone is partying, Moley is sulking in the toilet as usual. Some of the HM notice that Moley has gone missing. Dave and JJ look for him in the toilet. I find it somewhat disparaging how Dave refers to Moley as the Mole. Moley says that he’s in the toilet. When he comes up, Ben gives him a cuddle and Moley physically repels him.

Rachel is talking with Moley. Moley is a sexually frustrated mole. He can’t handle it. Rachel, Steve, and Moley are here. Rachel says that it’s hard being in a house full of people and feeling so lonely. Steve makes sense. Rachel says that she doesn’t fit in.

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