Big Brother UK S11E49 (Channel 4)

Apparently, JJ tried to escape the BBUK house but was corralled back in.

Josie, Corin, and Jo are talking about JJ. He told Josie that he loved everything about her.

Ben tells JJ that Josie fancies him physically and genuinely loves him. JJ says that he’s in a difficult predicament. Ben says that recently, Josie has been wearing revealing clothing, which doesn’t suit her shape.

JJ asks her about which side of the bed she likes to sleep. He’s trying to tell her that he wants to change beds. However, he doesn’t manage to say that to Josie.

BB has gathered the HM. They are told that Dave broke the rules regarding nominations and is nominated. He cannot nominate.

Josie and JJ are in bed. She asks him for a kiss. He gives her a peck on the cheek. It’s going to end in tears.


Andy                     Rachel                   Steve                    “I find her intrusive.”
Ben                        JJ                             Steve                    “His snoring is intolerable.”
Corin                     Rachel                   Andy                     “She’s really loud.”
Dave N/A
JJ                            Ben                        Andy                     “The girls are dressing up for JJ².”
Josie                      Ben                        Moley                   “He’s moody.”
Moley                   Ben                        Steve                      “His lack of enthusiasm.” “He’s pervy.”
Rachel                   Ben                        JJ                            “He’s selfish.”
Steve                     JJ                            Josie                      “He’s not happy being here.”

Ben, JJ, and Steve are nominated with Dave.

Josie and JJ are talking in bed. She realizes that he doesn’t fancy her as much as she fancies him. She asks him if he wants to swap beds. He shouldn’t feel awkward about this. They whisper under the covers. It’s inaudible. Josie wants some alone time. He told her something about her being like Shabby with Caoimhe. Josie walks away. She says that she doesn’t want to sleep with him anymore.

JJ wants to speak with Josie, but she doesn’t want to hear it. She’s quite mean to him. She walks away to the toilet. JJ talks to JJ². JJ thinks that he will walk. He wants JJ² to talk to Josie for him. JJ just walks out of the house through the mole hole. Dave and JJ² try to stop him. Some of the HM are in the camera runs of the BBUK house. Meanwhile, Josie is shouting for him to go back.

Some of the camera crew stop JJ. JJ² and Dave go back into the house. Two of crew manage to convince him to come back. JJ goes to the diary room. Josie stops him and wants to talk with him. She’s concerned how he is making her look. Later, she tells him that he made her look like an idiot. She also realizes that he doesn’t fancy her that way.

Josie, Corin, and Jo are talking about JJ. Josie says that after she told him that she fancies him, he tried to run out of BBUK house.

Some of the HM are talking in the nest. Moley and Ben go at it again. Andy and Steve try to calm them down.

JJ is still crying a lot like a little pussy. He’s talking with JJ².

Ben and Laura talk about Moley. Ben says that Moley is being a little bitch. Moley comes in and they start up again. At one point, Moley just stares at Ben. Laura says that this is getting uncomfortable. Ben says that this is quite creepy.

You’re a 30-year old diva stuck in a 13-year old body.
Moley to Ben

He is a 1st class shit.
Ben about Moley

Laura is freaking out. Corin talks with her. She’s thinking about her boyfriend. She wants to leave. He cheated on her but he still loves him. Corin tells her that he isn’t worth this.

Later, Laura comes to the diary room and says that she wants to leave.

* * * * *

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