Big Brother UK S11E50 (Channel 4)

JJ and Josie had a make-out session yesterday. She tells Corin that she snogged him last night. Neither of them are sure how it will be outside. JJ wants it to be real. She says that once she’s out, she’ll make herself presentable and make a proper go at him.

JJ² and Steve tell her that she was snoring loudly. Laura and Corin are in the bathroom. Laura says that it’s fine now. Laura says that it’s the night time that is a problem in the BBUK house. Corin says that it’s probably that. Coping is hard during the night. Whatever.

JJ and Josie are snuggling in the bed.

BB has called Laura to the diary room. She says that she wants to say goodbye and leave. Laura tells the HM that she is leaving the house in two hours. She starts to cry. Ben and the other HM fawn over her. It’s a cry for attention. Whatever. Corin tells her that she is being ridiculous. She’s only had a day in here. She should give it a week. She goes back to the diary room and says that she will stay at least a week.

BB gathers the HM and tells them that Ben, Steve, Dave, and JJ are nominated. The nominated HM take place in the Save & Replace task. They dress as brides. They’ve chosen a partner. The partner will have to catch a bouquet. Dave throws the comp. It’s a tie-breaker between JJ and Steve. Steve wins it. He nominates Andy.

Josie and JJ continue snogging. Dave tells them to get out from under there. They snuggle for a while. Ben is told by Jo that he tries to charm the pants off all of the girls in the house.

Josie is wearing a wedding dress and teases JJ that she’s waiting for him to make an honest woman out of him. The HM keep teasing JJ that there will be a wedding tomorrow and Dave will be marrying him to Josie.

Andy and Moley are talking about Josie. Andy is in love with Josie. Meanwhile, Josie is sucking her thumb. Moley says that she hasn’t gotten much attention from women, so it’s easy to develop a crush.

The HM get some alcohol. Andy is jokingly trying to seduce Josie. She’s having a laugh. Andy is totally drunk. He almost passes out. Josie brings him to the diary room. He bumps into the glass door. BB says that BB is concerned about his welfare. He should drink plenty of water.

90 minutes later, Andy is puking his guts out. He doesn’t flush the toilet.

* * * * *

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