The Glades A Perfect Storm S01E03 (A&E)

The Glades intertitle

I really liked this show. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, which is one of the reasons why I almost passed it over, after being annoyed and disappointed at Scoundrels and The Gates. The Glades is more of a police procedural drama and I like the fact that the main character, Jim Longworth, is a very smart investigator. His type of character reminds me of a Sherlock Holmes-type detective, who’s smart and intuitive, and able to make educated guesses on what exactly happened.

In retrospect, after having watched three episodes, Longworth is probably too smart for his own good. He tends to rub people the wrong way as well.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

A girl named Valerie Raines is found dead. A hurricane is coming to town. Jim has never lived through a hurricane. Jim goes to see Callie and picks up Jeff for her. A homeless person tried to use the Raines’ health card at the hospital. She stole it off the body. Raines was shot dead.

Another body was found shot. The vic is Dennis Peterson, a motivational speaker. Jim thinks that he’s dealing with a spree killer. Peterson wasn’t in town for speaking engagements, he scheduled doctor visits and spa treatments.

Colleen tells Jim that Carlos confirmed that the bullets match. Jim finds a link between the victims. They both were in town for a high school reunion. Jim poses as one of them. Another body was found. His name was Charles Kendrick. He was 52, so he doesn’t fit the profile.

Callie’s husband calls from prison.

Jim finds out from Callie that Peterson was donating bone marrow to his illegitimate child. The mother is Tonya Owens and the father shot Peterson.

Colleen tells Jim that Tommy was laid off from a place where Valerie worked at. Also, he was turned down by Charles Kendrick for a loan. Colleen mobilizes the troops. Colleen says that Tommy suffers from bipolar disorder.

Tommy goes to see the insurance adjuster from the hospital. Jim walks in. He disarms him. The storm has passed.

* * * * *

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