Big Brother UK S11E51 (Channel 4)

Laura is flip-flopping. She keeps wanting to leave. Marcus Bentley will go into the BBUK house.

Jo tells Laura and Corin that she really feels good this morning. Laura and Corin are exhausted. Laura leaves and goes through the door where the mole hole used to be. She tells the crew that she can’t do it anymore. It’s the fire exit. She tells that she wants to go.

It’s been an hour since Laura has left. The HM are unaware that she has gone.

Ben whinges about Josie and JJ always being under the covers. BB tells the HM that Laura has left the BBUK house.

BB gathers the HM for this week’s shopping task. A hot guy walks in with some mail. They have to ignore any random events which will occur over the next three days. If they pass this task, they will get a message from home. As soon as Andy snaps his fingers, the guy starts stripping and music starts playing. Rachel will make them fail the task.

The stripper runs after Corin. HM are unaware that they can have only 88 fails. They have incurred 11 fails in 11 minutes.

Rachel and Ben are in the bathroom with Dave. Rachel starts talking about the postman. Dave tells her to shut up. They aren’t allowed to talk about it. A few moments later, Ben tells Rachel to just tell them to ignore them and tell them to piss off if they tell her off.

The HM are going on about some wasp. A marching band comes in the BBUK house.

Rachel tells Corin that JJ² is totally her type. Ben’s friend David has entered the house as a bathroom attendant. Why is Ben walking around in a bathrobe in the middle of the day? Ben goes to the bathroom and sees his friend. He ignores him. David has got a smile on his lips.

Josie and JJ are exchanging sweet nothings in the garden. It’s pathetic.

Moley has been called to the diary room. His grandfather is sitting in the diary room chair. He’s dressed up as Santa Claus.

Moley and Andy come to the diary room. Moley asks if the man in the Santa Claus suit was his granddad.

Rachel, Dave, and Ben are in the nest. They think that Andy spends too much time with Moley. Ben says that Moley touches and kisses people inappropriately. Rachel calls him on this, because he is always kissing and touching people. Rachel tells him that she was upset and he didn’t notice it.

So far, the HM have incurred 14 fails. Marcus Bentley walks into the BBUK and starts his voiceover live. It’s pretty funny. Marcus doesn’t look like how I imagined he would. He’s a lot younger and fitter than I imagined.

7:01PM Josie and JJ are discussing having a… lie down.
Marcus Bentley

7:05 Some of the HM are in the living room talking about hair.
Marcus Bentley

It makes JJ, Josie, Rachel, and JJ² laugh out loud.

Corin has been called to the diary room. A man dressed up as a woman is in the diary room. He starts smelling some cream pies and starts smooshing them in Corin’s face. She gets at least a dozen in her face. She ends up covered in cream. It’s really funny.

BB has instructed an estate agent to show the house. Andy, JJ, and Dave try to distract the actors.

Rachel and Ben are in the nest. Moley arrives. Rachel says that she really liked him before she knew that he was a player.

At 1:23AM, the HM have incurred 24 fails. At that moment, a bunch of ghosts and zombies go waltzing through the bedroom.

JJ tells Dave that Andy has been funny with them. He keeps leaving the room when he sees them together. Andy fancies Josie and he doesn’t like seeing her with JJ.

* * * * *

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