Big Brother US S12E09 (CBS)

Hayden doesn’t know why Matt nominated the two floaters. Andrew is pissed. Kathy is dumbfounded. She talks with Matt. He doesn’t believe what she is saying. Hayden and Kristen talk with Andrew. Hayden says that if he wins the POV, he will use it to get Andrew off. Hayden and Kristen do some smooching. A secret showmance.

Rachel puts peaches in the ice tea. This means that the have-nots can’t have any. Andrew kind of screams all the way to the have-nots room. Andrew strongly dislikes Rachel.

The Idiot Brigade wants Matt to backdoor Brendon. Now, he has to consider it seriously. He was just planning on doing nothing.

Matt thinks that Andrew is a neat freak. He keeps doing the housework.

It’s time for the POV comp. Brendon, Matt, Kathy, Andrew, Lane, and Rachel are going to play. The Idiot Brigade doesn’t understand why things don’t go their way. Lane tells the HM about his redneck love for guns.

It’s time to play the POV comp. The HM have to look at the stuff in the garden. The HM have to answer with numbers and have to decide if they stay or fold. The HM the furthest from the answer will be out. If they fold, they are still in. Matt and Lane stayed. Matt gets a point. Lane is out. In the 2nd round, Rachel, Matt, and Andrew elect to stay. Andrew gets a point. Matt is out. In the 3rd round, only Brendon and Kathy stay. Brendon gets a point. Kathy is out. In the 4th round, Andrew stayed so he gets the point. He’s got 2. In the 5th round, Brendon stays and he gets a point. Brendon has got 2. In the 6th round, all three HM stay. Brendon wins and gets the POV.

It’s funny how Enzo can’t talk English properly.

Brendon calls his showmance Brenshel.

How do we shut this guy down? He’s a POV MVP!
Lane about Brendon.

The Idiot Brigade talks about the debacle. Enzo doesn’t think that Matt is the brains of the operation. Matt has got his hand down his trousers why he is talking with Enzo. That’s nice.

Andrew and Brendon talk strategy. He says that they need to keep it secret from Rachel.

During the POV ceremony, Andrew states that he is coming after Brendon and Rachel. It doesn’t make any sense. Brendon doesn’t use the POV. What a surprise!

Matt doesn’t buy Andrew’s big move.

* * * * *

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