Big Brother US S12E10 (CBS)

Rachel is pissed at Andrew. Brendon tells Rachel that this is part of a plan. Rachel doesn’t like that Brendon kept secrets from her. It doesn’t go over well with her.

None of the HM believed Andrew’s speech. Matt talks with him. He tells him that no one bought his POV speech.

Kathy is working the HM for votes. Andrew is pissed. He’s just a spoiled brat. He goes to have a little cry by himself in the have-not room. A little later, Andrew warns Kristen and Kathy not to play him like a fiddle. Kristen goes right after him and tells him off. Andrew and Kristen start a shouting match. Andrew is being a little bitch. He needs his mother. He asks her why doesn’t she talk to him. It’s pathetic.

Matt tells his Idiot Brigade that their tactic would be to keep Andrew in the house. That would be a big target and it would keep the target off them.

Plastic Chen talks with the BBUS house. She says that no one will be on slop next week.

We see Stacy, Matt’s wife, and what she thinks about his time in the BBUS house. She’s got a really strange accent. Either that or she can’t speak properly. She sounds really dumb.

Plastic Chen talks with Matt.

During the speeches, Andrew makes some bold claims. He tries to break the Idiot Brigade. It just ensures his eviction. While the votes are being cast, Andrew continues to talk.

Votes to evict

Kristen                  Andrew
Rachel                   Andrew
Britney                 Andrew
Enzo                      Andrew
Brendon              Andrew
Lane                      Andrew
Hayden               Andrew
Ragan                    Andrew

Andrew is evicted. What a surprise.

The HM will play BB Knockout. The answers will HOH, Have, Have Not, or POV. They will then choose the next two HM to face off. If no one buzzes in, they will be both knocked out. It starts out with Hayden vs Britney. Britney is out. Brendon and Rachel are next. Brendon is out. She chooses Kristen and Hayden. Hayden is out. Kristen chooses Kathy and Rachel. Kathy gets it wrong. Rachel is still in. It’s Kristen vs Enzo. Kristen wins. Enzo is out. Rachel and Ragan are next. Rachel gets it right. Ragan is out. It’s Kristen vs Lane. Lane gets it. Kristen is out. It’s between Rachel and Lane. Rachel gets it right. She’s HOH. She squeals like a little girl. That was impressive. She answered the most questions right of all of the HM.

Plastic Chen reveals that Pandora’s Box is back in play next week. The viewers will choose the new Saboteur.

The HM are already arguing. It’s Rachel and Kristen going at it. Rachel will obviously nominate Hayden and Kristen.

* * * * *

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