My Daily Tweets 07-30-2010

  • 03:05:06: From Twitter 07-29-2010:
  • 12:36:19: A Colorful Mac-Centric Home Office in Athens, Greece:
  • 12:38:11: Headphones That Will Keep Your Family Happy:
  • 18:54:59: Inadvertently met @Tortue today. Nice to meet you, we should go out for lunch/dinner next week.
  • 18:57:36: @matthewhooper concrete coffee machine concept.
  • 19:00:28: RT @rejecter: You say “queueing to buy,” I hear “waiting to die.”
  • 19:00:48: RT @lenachen: Just consumed like five shots of Austrian liquer. I spelled liquer wrong didn’t I? Damn.
  • 19:04:41: One of the girls at the hair salon asked me if I wanted to have my pants dried. They were dripping wet. I declined as they were quick-drying
  • 19:05:28: Met with a new IT man who’ll help me set up my online store. Launch date is in a month, Sept 1st.
  • 20:56:07: Going to set up my company in HK, with a bank account for Asterisk*Cycles. Later, I’ll register a holding company in Delaware.
  • 20:56:31: From what I hear, HSBC is the bank to use.
  • 21:08:52: After that, I’ll apply for a merchant account. Trying 2 phase out PayPal as my main purveyor of payment as fees are high & xchange rate suck
  • 22:30:28: two minutes away from TGIF. It’s 10:30PM.
  • 22:44:38: TGIF!
  • 22:44:53: 22:44. That was a long day.
  • 23:43:00: Just learned that another member of the family has been added to the fold. My niece Ariane was just born.
  • 23:43:19: Now I have two cute nieces in Quebec.
  • 23:43:40: Lockwasher Robot Sculptures Whirr Their Way Into Our Hearts:

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