Big Brother UK S11E52 (Channel 4)

Davina talks with Laura. What a waste of space. I couldn’t really care if had stayed.

So far, the HM have incurred 34 fails. Josie and JJ are playfighting in the bed. It’s ridiculous. Another fit dude comes into the house. He is only wearing a towel. Steve tells the JJs that they need to get into the shower now. The model is naked in the shower. Moley can’t handle it. The HM are watching the model drying himself. Josie is sucking her thumb.

Is he just fit fit or just fit? He’s got fit eyes. He’s just fit.
Corin about JJ²

Davina walks into the house. The HM have to ignore her. She sits on Andy and gives him a kiss, plays with Ben’s hair. She gives Dave a belly rub. Davina licks JJ’s cheek.

Ben whinges about the feminine hygiene products that the girls are leaving around the sink. Rachel thinks that he’s a wanker.

The JJs are talking about Andy’s problems with Josie. JJ thinks that he has to talk with him. He goes to talk with him in the nest. It’s an awkward situation.

A bunch of squealing Asian fans run through the house taking photos.

Dave has said that if he saw his wife, he would incur a few fails. Steve’s wife and Dave’s wife arrive in the BBUK house. They have to ignore them. Dave immediately notices them. Steve’s wife has got a strange haircut. Dave takes off his shirt. His wife is smiling. Dave has lost a lot of weight. After they leave, Steve and Dave go to the diary room.

Ben goes to the diary room and finds a clown creeping up on him behind the chair. He incurs a few fails. The clown keeps popping balloons filled with stuff.

The HM are playing a quiz. Moley calls Ben out for asking Andy a James Bond questions. Moley says that this game is fixed because Andy is a James Bond buff.

Moley comes to the diary room. Ben is making fun of Moley. Moley didn’t like ignoring his granddad. Ben tells the HM that Moley gets funny when the others get attention. JJ goes to see Moley, who just left the diary room.

JJ tries to talk with him. He makes some sense.

Eviction Night

Davina talks with the BBUK house and tells them that Andy is safe. Dave is safe. The crowd is shouting for Ben to get out. Davina also reveals that another HM will go into the house.

Ben is evicted. JJ even gets cheers when his name is mentioned. The old quiff head is out. Finally, the whinging bitch is out. He is greeted by a chorus of boos.

Ben is shown footage of the noms. Then, he is shown footage of how he fails at tasks without even trying. Ben got 52% of the vote.

BB is going to put in a new HM which the current HM have to ignore. All of the HM dislike Sam Pepper. So BB is going to send him into the BBUK house. Before the broadcast, the HM had incurred 74 fails.

Sam Pepper walks into the house. Sam is called into the diary room. The HM are shown what he says. Sam says that he knows that a few HM have been bitching about him. Josie says that he called her Ms. Piggy.

Jedward is going to perform a song in the BBUK garden. Jedward is lip-synching. Sucks. It’s a cover of Blink 182’s All the Small Things.

BB tells the HM that the Ignore the Obvious task is over. Sam won’t hand over the key to the safe.

* * * * *

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