Big Brother UK S11E53 (Channel 4)

Corin is giving Andy advice on how to talk. Ben is in the bathroom shaving, which is surprising. I didn’t think he washed. It’s very disgusting.

Josie is in the diary room. She says that she woke up next to JJ and it was great. She will miss him if he leaves. She says that JJ likes her now. She can’t wait for them to leave the BBUK house to have a conversation.

Moley is teasing Ben. He’s a bit of a git that mole. Josie agrees that Moley is turning into a loon. Ben says that Moley is becoming unstable.

HM must ignore the obvious. So far, the HM have incurred 64 fails. They can incur 88 fails. A guy enters the BBUK house and starts placating doors with Jedward posters. Everyone takes notice of him. Andy and JJ hate Jedward. Rachel keeps repeating that she loves Jedward.

Josie tells JJ that she has had a couple of proper snogs with JJ. He told her that she was gorgeous and that he’s attracted to her.

The JJs are in the bathroom. BB tells the HM that the suitcases are ready to be collected. JJ and Josie cuddle in the store room. JJ is blatantly aware of the cameras. Josie sucks her thumb. She has trouble with the oven.

Corin tells BB that they have incurred 480 fails. She says that number is totally random. After thinking about it, she goes for 484.

It’s eviction night. Dave tells Ben that it’s between them. He thinks that he’ll go. Davina talks with the house. Andy and Dave are safe. In between the announcements, Josie goes to have a cry. Josie is in the toilet. She isn’t there at the sofas. Josie comes back just as Ben is evicted.

The HM are on the sofa. Josie is sucking her thumb. It’s pathetic. Sam Pepper comes into the house. He’s a 21-year old graffiti artist from Kent. The HM have to ignore him. Sam is called to the diary room. Some of the HM know Sam from the audition process. The HM see him on the plasma. Josie is sucking her thumb.

Sam comes back out. Sam calls Josie a bitch. She retorts. Josie tells everyone that a bloke in the audition process that put everyone down.

Jedward are outside in the garden doing their lip-synced cover of Blink182. They suck ass. They sound like a 5-year olds singing together. Jedward pushes Andy. He looks pissed off at them. Jedward run around, knock over the coffee table. They throw some pillows into the pool. They pull the fire alarm before leaving.

It’s been 19 minutes since BB told the HM that the task is over. Sam rubbed a lot of HM the wrong way. He finds it funny. He makes fun of Josie’s thumb sucking. JJ² and Andy leave. Sam said some bad things about Dave. Sam lies about saying them. Josie and Moley heard it.

BB gathers the HM to tell them about the shopping task. HM incurred 86 fails so they passed the task. They just scraped by. Josie is sucking her thumb.

Most of the HM are in the garden talking about Sam.

Sam is in the diary room. He thinks that JJ is wet. He can’t stand up for himself. He says that he’ll probably end up winding someone up.

Sam pretends that he’s JJ and goes under the covers and does a great impression of him. It makes JJ laugh.

Andy doesn’t like Sam Pepper. He reminds him of the people who bullied him when he was younger. He says offensive things. Corin says that they should give him a chance.

I don’t know where Sam gets the idea of making fun of other people’s appearance. He’s not a model himself.

* * * * *

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