Big Brother UK S11E55 (Channel 4)

Later today, the HM will be taking part in an endurance playground task. Rachel needs to make a big deal about everything. It’s 9:30AM. JJ² tells Rachel and Sam to shut the f**k up. Sam is a bit nasty to him.

Andy is complaining about Sam in the diary room. He thinks that Sam is a wind-up merchant. Sam puts garlic in Josie’s pillow as payback for the toothbrush incident of last night. He’s already told Jo, JJ² and Steve.

Josie comes to the diary room to talk about Pepper. Josie swaps pillows with him. Pepper doesn’t realize it. JJ is wearing a lot of guy-liner. It looks ridiculous. Pepper finds out about the swap and swaps it back.

Corin thinks that she’s single. Otherwise, Rachel would have been in the video.

JJ asks Josie if she’s have sex in the BBUK house. It’s a strange conversation to have. JJ tells her that he wants to have sex with her.

Corin tells Jo that JJ² told her that he might be sleeping in her bed.

Today, the HM’s task involves an endurance playground activity. The last HM will win the mystery prize. Steve is the 1st one out after 7 minutes. JJ² is trying to get the HM to quick. Josie pukes after being on the merry-go-round for 10 minutes. The JJs are on the swing. Rachel is out after 30 minutes. Jo is out too.

Dave is out after 1:41 for not using the slide properly.

Josie reckons that JJ has got loads of money in his bank account. She thinks that he’s got more than half a million. He gave his old girlfriend a 10 grand car. She says that this has been the best summer of her life. She’s already won. Jo dislikes cooking. She’s very lazy and doesn’t like doing it.

Every hour, the HM receive a 5 minute break. JJ² is trying to make Corin quit. The JJs are trying to sing the wrong song to mix her up.

Corin is out after 3:17. She was singing heads, shoulders, knees, and toes. The other HM stay on for 5 hours.

Corin has come to the diary room. She enjoyed the task. Andy is determined to win. The others talk and decide to let Andy win. Sam, Moley, and the JJ² let him win. Andy is pissed at this. He didn’t want to like this.

All the boys are in the living room talking about magazine deals. JJ is surprised at the amount of money they can make. Josie walks in and dislikes this. Sam says that he thinks that Josie would sell her story. Josie says that she won’t. JJ² and Andy exchange glances. They see that Sam was pissing off Josie. She says that she doesn’t like the little wanker. He called her a fat slag yesterday. Pepper is taking it too far. Josie comes back out and warns him not to ask her any questions anymore. He should leave her and JJ alone.

Josie is in the bathroom with the JJs. She’s fuming. It looks to Josie that JJ is trying to defend Sam. Rachel and Corin are in the bathroom as well. They tell her not to let get wound up by Sam.

As a reward, Andy gets a date with Corin in the nest. It’s an Arabian Nights theme. Sam has to fan them silently.

Later, JJ and Josie are still talking about Pepper.

-The best thing about this date, is that I know that you’ll be coming to my bedroom tonight.
-Andrew, OMG!
-It’s true, isn’t it?
Andy and Corin

Andy is trying his best lines on Corin. Sam is laughing it off. Andy says that this is his first proper date.

Sam bitches about what he saw to Jo and Moley. The date was a complete fail. Andy was trying to get a kiss out of it or something like that. He says that it was hilarious because it was so awkward.

Josie and Corin are in the bedroom. JJ² and Andy try Sam that he needs to think more about what he says. Sam says that he was expressing his opinion. Rachel says that he’s upsetting people and that he’ll make his life will be harder in the house. Rachel says that Sam has called her some horrible names and she has been pretty cool about it.

Dave says that wisdom restrains their strong opinions. It’s important to respect other people. He implied that Josie is only after the money and sell her story. It’s also the way he says them. Sam thinks that he stated his opinion.

Rachel says that Sam needs to offend people to be real. Corin and Josie are there to hear it. Sam comes in. Sometimes he can be very nice and other times, he can be a little bitch. Sam explains himself. He says that she might tell her story, not sell it. Josie isn’t that upset anymore. She’s had time to cool down. He gives her a hug.

* * * * *

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