Big Brother UK S11E56 (Channel 4)

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for nominations!

Sam is making pancakes for JJ and Josie. Jo and JJ² will nominate for the 1st time. He gives it to them. Josie is still annoyed. She dislikes him now. He comes in the room. Josie is mean to him. She says that she loved him at first, but she no longer does now.


Andy                       Rachel                 Moley                                   “She is loud and annoying.”
Corin                       Rachel                 Jo                                            “She’s very loud.”
Dave                       Steve                   Moley                                   “He can’t integrate into the group.”
JJ                              Rachel                 Moley                                   “She annoys the absolute shit out of me.”
JJ²                            Rachel                 Steve                                    “Her voice irritates me.”
Jo                             JJ                           Andy                                     “His situation with Josie.”
Josie                       Steve                   Moley                                   “He’s frustrated.”
Moley                    JJ                           Josie                                      “She doesn’t cook dinner.”
Rachel                    JJ                           Moley                                   “He’s got tantrums.”
Steve                      JJ                           Josie                                      “Constant lying in bed all of the time.”

I’m a lazy cow.

Moley received 5 nom, JJ and Rachel received 4 each. They will be part of the Save and Replace task.

Jo is whinging about what happened between JJ, Josie and Sam. She says that there is so much drama in the house about this crap.

Meanwhile, Sam, JJ, and Josie are talking about the situation. Josie isn’t happy with Sam.

While Josie and JJ are under the covers, Josie tampers with the mics once again to tell JJ something off the record. They are warned by BB not to do so. JJ and Josie are called to the diary room to be punished. BB tells them that the can no longer be in the same room together. They are no allowed to sleep together in the same bed. They have been manipulating the mics over the last few days.

JJ stays in the diary room.

Moley tells Jo that they keep turning off their mics. Josie tells the HM about the punishment. It’s funny to some of them.

Josie and JJ have become severely co-dependent. It will be interesting what will happen. It’s been 30 minutes, and Josie believes that she’s got a grey hair.

Most of the HM are eating. Sam and Josie are in the bedroom.

While Dave is in the bathroom, the chest of temptation tells him that if he makes 5 of the HM yawn at him in the next two hours, he will get a letter from his kids.

The JJs immediately notice that Dave is talking to the chest of temptation. They come annoy Dave.

Sam and Josie are arguing again in the bedroom. Dave makes a lot of fake yawns. Josie is holding a grudge. Josie is getting more and more annoyed.

Moley tells Dave that he’s really bad at his task. The HM talk about Dave’s secret task. Andy figures out that he’s trying to make people yawn. He’s quite successful at it.

JJ and Josie have been in different rooms for about 5 hours. Josie asks Jo something about how much time they spend together or apart. Jo says that the situation is unclear between them. If they were just boyfriend and girlfriend, no one would care. They are the focus of the group because of this. Jo tells JJ that the way that he is with Josie, it would have given Jo clear signals to pounce on him. But because he isn’t that clear, since it’s apparent that Josie likes him more than a friend, he’s holding all of the cards, including the cards of the whole house because of the drama. I like this conversation. She’s making them understand that they’ve got to take decisions about what will happen when they leave the house.

The HM are doing party tricks. Rachel has got a bellybutton that goes in and out.

Dave failed in his task. The tree reads the message backwards. It’s unintelligible.

Later, JJ and Josie are talking once again. They are talking about their relationship. JJ is happy not having any labels. JJ is ridiculous. Josie is sucking her thumb. Josie and JJ are called to the diary room. The punishment is lifted. They are pathetic. They are still not allowed to share a bed tonight.

JJ and Josie decide to sleep on the floor together. Yep, they are only friends. Dave walks in and makes a lot of noise. He shouts and tickles JJ/Josie. He wakes up the HM.

* * * * *

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